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Avoiding loss of sensitivity

Avoiding loss of sensitivity

Ok so I,ve checked allot in the old posts about this kinda thing but I havn,t been able to get quite the answers I wanted from the reading, So please don,t delete this thread saying that I havn,t. After all i,m sitting with a sucky 5,6 modem so the phonebills just might get me on the streets soon (I live with my parents) Ok?? Fine

I have started Some allday stretching (the penisplus way) and It has added maybe 3-4 mm to it this month but I have some questions about it.

1. Is light Allday stretching safer than heavy stretching/hanging when it comes to loss of sensitivity?

2. I read somewhere that when stretching/hanging you should not let the load ancor on the head, but I find it impossible. When I stretch, the t-shirt piece and two pieces of balloon rubber rings press against the downside of the head. I suppose there is no other way or?

3.I also cover the head with my foreskin when stretching (completely) . I believe that this might “save” the head a bit from
the pressure and I dont really care if I,ll grow just some more foreskin from it. Do you guys think this might be right?

4.The reason for the above quetions is that I,ve discovered some spots (not colored ones) on my head that are less sensitive or allmost not sensitive at all. That is on the top of the glans and one at the bottom. Have anyone else noticed this?

I,m getting there…you just wait….

Can’t comment on the ADS. I suppose if you were berserk with the stretch length it could be damaging. Really nerve damage is about being unnecessarily extreme in stretching, so that is something each person has to determine for himself (or herself, if it’s Jen helping DLD!).

On the attachment issue (hanging), try making the attachment a little farther up on the shaft towards the base. There is a natural ‘give’ when you apply the weight that pulls the hanger down toward the head, so by attaching it higher you let it come to a stop above the head during weight application. Also make sure your wrapping itself is grabbing the penis and not slipping down the penis. If so, you’ll need to do a tighter wrap.

I don’t think hanging will give you more foreskin.

I,ve been thinking of trying the loop construction,cos with the amount of stretch I put on with my allday-stretcher it would be ideally. The thing is that I,ve heard that the loop should be avoided cos of the stress it puts on the nervbundles. I dont know if this goes for light stretching as well. My stretch could best be described as similar to 0.5 - 1 kg of hanging maybe. Wrapping it to tight would just lead to cold head and numbness and I,ve experienced that in the beginning and it was NOT fun!!
I tried to attach the stretcher further to the base but the D!”#”!!
thing just anchors on the skin then. Do you think that the loop could do for light stretching?

The loop problem is not covered allot in the forums as I,ve seen

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