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Average Time It Takes To Get Results


Average Time It Takes To Get Results

Is there an average time-frame for results? I’ve seen a lot of people on here that seem to blow up after tugging on their dicks for only a couple months or even weeks! Meanwhile, I’m busting my hump working for over eight months with some results, mind you, but nothing dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, congratulations, but goddamn it it’s fuckin’ frustrating. It’s been almost a year, and I’m really starting to feel pathetic about PE. I’m starting to think that this dog just might not have his day after all.

I’ve gained 0.25” EL after just two weeks and I think I’m still in the fast gaining phase so I guess it’s just different for everyone…try switching your routine up a bit or pull harder on stretches.


Take heart as there are many many like you.

They are so frustrated they just lurk.

We have a small handful of guys who are blessed “genetically”
and have very easy gains, and some for whatever reason make
it sound like everyone can do it. They sometimes get a bit
carried away in their enthusiasm and say things that lead to
your frustration.

This board is not composed of overly sensitive men, although we
used to care more for other’s feelings on the old PE board that
was hacked.

I have been concerned about the “tenor” of some of the
braggadocio, but it is hard to stop guys who are lucky from

It is not fair that some gain so easily with little effort, that others gain
some after a long time with great intensity, and that yet some
others gain a small amount only after a long time. Persistence
will always help, but nothing is guaranteed. That is the hard part but
you have not been doing PE long enough to throw in the towel.

I have seen the newbies come and go, and it is almost like Russian
Roulette,—-which cylinder is empty and will give me gains and which
has the bullet, dooming me to lack of success. I really see it that way,
as “genetic” has the bullet holes pegged beforehand, and we can onlyh
hope and pray we are lucky.

If not, however, I do think continuation is good. Take some time off
and do what you like in life. Then come back and do it another year or
so and see what happens.

Even if you don’t gain, or don’t gain much (some of these 2-3 inch gains
as I have posted about time and time again are not the “usual” expected
results), you will at least prevent “shrinking” from getting older, and
your general “condition” will be better.

Look at it as a health lifestyle.

But, it is tough when one expends intense efffort for a long time and
gets little or no gains doing the EXACT same thing that the “lucky”
ones who brag seem to get. If you willl consider the statistics I gave in
earlier posts, you will feel better. I have seen some 10,000 some odd
PEers come and go, and only two have had 4 inch gains, a few more have
had three, and so on,,,,,,,,,getting more and more as you go down the
gains scale. The big gainers seem to be overly represented since they
are so happy about their success, that they naturally tend to be disproportionately
represented in the posts on this forum. Please remeber that.

I would suggest you treat this as life style effort, seeing each session
as “chipping” away at something, breaking a limiting factor, that will
come one day. Most who have no results give up after a year, and
thus there is really no way to know if they would have gained by continuing
for say, two years.

You just have to mentally block out the bragging stuff and just focus on
yourself. Don’t think about what the “other guys” are doing, as it will
just kill you.


Well said phat9 ….

I am in the class of the hard gainers. So yeah, it is easy to get a bit discouraged. I’d like to see more guys post.

If I gain, then great, but even if I don’t gain a lot, I have concluded that these exercises are really good for overall sexual health.

Them’s me thoughts!


Re: Prickle

Originally posted by phat9
This board is not composed of overly sensitive men, although we
used to care more for other's feelings on the old PE board that
was hacked.


I disagree with this statement. If anything, I find the opposite to be true. The old forums had more bragging, less help for new guys, a lot more hostility to new posters, etc.

Even from the limited amount of posts I have actually read from Hubbard’s old forum, I still think this place is a lot less hostile.

Granted there were guys that would help someone having problems (your Phat8/Dance threads especially), but there were relatively few of them that put forward the effort.

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Over two years of jelqing, twisting, stretching, bending, wrapping, hanging, etc. I have gained 1 inch in length. I am a hard gainer, but as Phat9 just pointed out, perhaps not as much of a hard gainer as some might think. I am in this for the long haul, however long that may be.

Do we know enough about how this works to be certain that some guys, due to genetics, will get zero gains? I went for three months with no gains starting PE. After making a swim cap hanger I finally had a little growth at 4 months. Plenty of guys give up before going 4 months to get the smallest increase. Could I have persevered 6 or 9 months until finding what worked FOR ME? I think everyone could get some gains, even the super hard gainers, If they can find the exact right combo that works, FOR THEM. (assuming no dire med condition)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Re: Average Time It Takes To Get Results

Originally posted by Prickle
Is there an average time-frame for results?

It took me two years to gain an 1” in length and .5” in girth. But that is 1 and .5 I didn’t have before. Keep your chin up, and keep pulling on your dick!


brothers we are

Personally I am very please and proud to hear one of my PE brothers report any gains at all. I share in your excitement.

Separating ones selfish feelings from others joy is not something that everyone can do, but not being able to do this will hold you back in life. Lift up your brothers in praise and they will lift you. One day even the hardest of gainers will be excited to report gains and will want to share. Should he hold back for fear of being insensitive to another hard gainer that is lurking among us? I think not. To hold back would simply defeat the purpose of the forum. While I agree that we should all be reasonably sensitive to each other, we cannot let our selfish feelings get in the way of our goals of gaining. Motivation is simply part of this and we are a band of brothers. We should all strive to replace our selfish feelings with pride in each other. I am very proud to be among you guys and respect each of you for taking charge and forging forward to make a difference in your lives.

I hope my words are taken in a positive and motivating way as that is the way they are meant.

Move forward brothers!

I'm with you Prickle!

I”m into PE 8 months now and only have .25 ” of length to show for it… Yep, nothing for girth as of yet! At this rate it will take three years to hit my length goal (If i avoid a plateau).. At least I know it works and that keeps me going…

Keep the faith..

Here the slow gainers seem to balance out the fast gainers.

The fast gainers want to “crow” about their results, the slow or no gainers want to express their frustration and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because there is an active cheering section to encourange them on to possible gains and to help the faster gainers to crow.

Ant said something important when he pointed out that PE offers a real benefit to “overall sexual health.” If you’re not gaining fast, consider too that you may be one of those Energizer Bunnies, long after bigger dicks than yours have gone limp.

“Not overly sensitive men,” phat? Pour yourself a martini and smell the roses a bit. How often have you said here on these pages that Thunder’s men helped pull you out of a very deep funk? Cut ‘em a break maybe.



I gained 0.25 inch in 3 months. I think there are more hard gainers than fast gainers. I am also a bit suspicious about fast gainers. Because some of the gains that they report may probably be already in their dicks, but they are unaware of this due to some erection problems, etc. I don’t know. But the actual gain that they obtain is probably less than they think. For example, a guy with 6 inches dick measures himself as 5 inches due to some problems lets say… then he gains 1inch in some time , then he reports that he reached from 5 to 7 inches in that time period. Now can we accept this guy as a fast gainer ?

Thunder, Dash, Ant, Avocet, regularwhite, teoman

Thunder,,,,,,,,,LOL you mean we “disagree” on something? I don’t
think my words came out as I wanted them too, but anyway. Mabye
what I meant was that the old board had less a “locker room” mentality,
but you are right in that it existed there too. It is hard to compare and
that comment was not the focal point of my post, as you know. Thanks
for pointing it out.

Well said Dashdeming……… there has to be balance. I hope my
“russian roulette” theory is wrong, but I think I am corrrect.

You make very good points.

Ant: yes, you have the right attitude, and that is what I was trying to
convey to Prickle. I see all of us as sort of equals and that was my
point to the non gainers. PE has “other” benefits.

Avocet8: you can pour the martini for me, but you will have to drink it
because I hate martinis.

You are right about that, this board was MARVELOUS last year during my
crushing breakup tragedy, and I thought of that in fact Avocet
when I hit the submit button. I was inundated with empathy and I
shall not forget that.

I did not mean insensitive in that regard, however, but yes, that
is even more important, to help a brother when they are down as I
was—- so I would take that back and reword it. The insensitivity
I meant was restricted only to the “size” issue, not our commeraderie.

——digress: the “spell checker” is not working here——

You are right on that one.

I have thanked you before and I thank you again.

Have I cut enough slack?

Oh, and I AM smelling the roses my friend and they never smelled
better,,,,,,,,,this post was only for the non gainers amongst us, not for
those with relationship problems, so thanks for pointing this out.

Teoman……….I haven’t seen you……………you gained more than I did
in three months, but I had not discovered this board.

Yes I agree with you that there are more slow gainers than fast
gainers (hush Thunder)…….I say that based on the statistics
I have seen but I cannot prove it as I would like. I once
did a long bit of research on the old board where I used some multiple
regression methods to relate gains per hour to factors such as
intensity, time put in, method, etc, and I came up with about five
categories of “gainers.” I was in the next to bottom one, since I did
gain a hair. We did have some “no” gainers but most were “slow” gainers
in terms of inches per hour. I used hours as a common denominator to cut
across the different rountines and varying times per day and number of
sessions per week. I forgot the numbers, but even Bib was not in the
very top group, but he was just behind. I wish I still had that post but
I believe it is gone,,,,,,,,guys used to refer to that as a benchmark.

Most slow gainers work and work but do not post as much I think. Some
leave having never said a word. I, Bib, and Big Al once caculated that
non-gainers are anywhere from 2% to 4% of all PEers. But how do
we define a non-gainer?……….some quit after a year or so.

I know a frequent poster here who has been at it for three years and seveal months
with NO gains and he works hard. He is popular. He also never complains
and is one of “us.” He will work until one day one could say he is or is not, but
he has the right attitude.

Back to my rose bed.

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I think a very big limiting factor with some people is there own believe in whether or not it will work for them *calling himself a hippy along with half the board* I NEVER believed I could break the 10” mark until I met Bib…My mind was so limited to thinking 9.5” was the max…PERIOD. Once I met Bib and realized he went there he became my inspiration to do it. I have a gigantic visualization thing I learned at the beginning of my PE and I have used it ever since.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Yes DLD, persistance and patiance are the keywords for PE I think. In fact, Pe is not something miracle, there are a few inches within every man’s body waiting for being taken out of the body. All we have to do is to keep persistance. By the way is Bib a black or white guy? 10 inches, sounds good :)

.25 in a little over a week, using a funky version of the DLD blasters. I still haven’t measured girth, but if you are looking for gains in length, I think those are the way to go.

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