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Average growth from PE?


If you keep a steady routine and are in good health the first year it’s possible to gain around an inch on average. As far as girth I would say on average you could expect between .5 and .75 inches the first year. I have been at PE for about 10 months, and I have gained about .85 inches. Keep in mind I simply manual stretch and jelq every other day for only about 20 minutes. If you put in a half hour or more, more days a week, and mix some clamping and hanging your in good shape. Everyone is different, but what I said above is what I feel you can reasonably achieve.


Ref your query about what can one expect from PE. I found a great chart that has been worked out from the PE data site - see link

The vertical axis is inches and the horizontal is PE days; The blue line is length increase, the red girth increase.
So although the sharpest rise is within about 180 days - for those who last the pace/journey the average increase length is 1.4 inches and girth 0.7 inches AFTER 3 YEARS !! This particular graph should be enforced viewing by all Newbies. It shows what is possible given commitment and patience.


P.S. The above link always seems to get transferred wrongly by the spell check. There should be a total of 3 dots (not one) after forum.

My stats are a little above the trend shown in the graph but I suspect my stating length of 5.8” was not correct - as you get used to measuring, the bone pressed effect is greater because you really PRESS! Assuming I was really 6”BPEL then I am right on trend! On that basis my goal should be 7” for November ‘05 and 7.3” for Nov ‘06 which would be very nice!!


Many thanks for fixing the link - above. You provide a really excellent service.I am staggered by the efficiency of this site.

This graph at this link is a great indication of the long-term, patient process of PE gains. Great for all newbies.


That’s great - at least you have some reasonably future date goals to aim for.

Roll on your 7 incher. Don’t forget the girth goals too. What are they?

Go to it!


One step at a time Kiers.

I am less interested in girth but it will follow on I guess. I see this as a long term project!


Don’t mean to rush you - probably there might be improvements in that region too.

Look forward.

Go well


This is great to know, 3 years goes by fast, so let’s work hard guys.


Yes - I’m happy you appreciate the graph - I think it should be more generally available as it is based on the recorded data of all the members as stated in the PE Data Site. It gives us all an idea of what gains to expect an over what period. As you have noted it’s a 3 year journey.


How often is the graph updated from the PE data site??


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