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Average Girth?


Average Girth?

OK - everyone always talks about average penis size in terms of length. What would you guys say is a small/medium/large girth sizes?

also on the subject - as far as penis volume goes - what would be avg/sml/lrg????

the volume really does seem to be key. it kills me how a guy can only be 1 inch longer than another and have 3 times the volume (literally 3 times as big i guess!!!!!)

average.. its allways different in different surveys, but ive read that average girth is around 5inches.

Avg. girth is just a hair under 5” and volume about 13”^3. That’d lead to stats like this:

Smallish: <6”BPEL // <4 1/2”EG // <11”^3 VOL

Average: 6”-7”BPEL // 4 1/2” to 5 1/4” EG // 11” to 15”^3 VOL

Large: >7”BPEL // >5 1/4”EG // >15” to 19”^3 VOL

Huge: >8”BPEL // >6” EG // >19”^ VOL

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4.5 EG

guess i’d better keep up the work..but it’s only been a week.


volume is 8.5
just when i was all proud of my starting 6.75 ebpl.


Re: DOH!!!

Originally posted by Freakoftheweek75
volume is 8.5
just when i was all proud of my starting 6.75 ebpl.


If you’re 6.75” by 4.5”, then your volume is certainly over 11” which is average.

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maybe there’s hope - lemme go re-enter.


i can live with that for now. but knowing how hard i was pressing the ruler i made length 6.5 for a more honest measurement.

Man. ABCNews is talking about cock girth?? Who’s covering this? “Wuf” Blitzer? Barbara Walters?



With the volume thing could someone figure out what I would be at? If the length was 8.25”

Originally posted by regularwhiteguy
With the volume thing could someone figure out what I would be at? If the length was 8.25”

The volume formula makes the assumption that a dick is a cylinder with height equal to penis length and circumference = to midshaft girth. 8.25X6.5 has a volume of 27.7377.

volume of a cylinder =[pi(r)^2]h

I do remember you have somewhat of a “traffic cone” dick, so your ACTUAL volume is even a little more impressive. It’s the girth that really does it for you, in terms of volume due to the square in that equation. Just to put things into perspective, a dick with 6.5 girth compared to a 5.0 girth dick of equal length has 69% MORE volume, despite only 30% more length.

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lol “traffic cone dick”

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Thanks Gandolf… You are correct.. 6” @ the head / 6.5 @ midshaft and 7.25 @ the base makes me out to be shaped like a traffic cone indeed.. I hope thats good LOL.. Only problem with a shape like that is after fucking for a while they feel loose until it’s to the hilt… I keep telling my wife it is the perfect shape for anal sex but she begs to differ with me…

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