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Autoext in upward angles

Autoext in upward angles

Hi, guys! I suppose some of you use the Autoext for stretching upwards. When you do that I guess the base of the Autoext rests mostly on the shaft of the penis near the pubic area. At least this was my experience when I’ve used the PeniMaster. Because of that I’ve got twice a severe soreness of one of my lymphatic vessel, which resulted in an enormous fluid build-up in my whole penis (My flaccid gird got to about 6.25 inches, my normal EG is 5.3-5.4).
I’ve got the problem first after 70 hours of stretching upwards. I took time to build up gradually from 1 hour a day to 4-5 hours a day and my Penis was well conditioned at the time, but nevertheless the injury came. This kind of injury was very subtle, I noticed it too late – at the beginning there was no symptoms that something was wrong and then out of the blue the injury was there. Took me about 3 weeks to recover.

Have you had a problem similar to that and mostly, I am interested to know, if the base of the Autoext rests hardly on the shaft in upwards angles (11-12 o’clock)? Since on the website of the Autoext it says that the base is larger than the PeniMaster, I wonder if the Autoext would eliminate this problem that I had with the PM.

Otherwise I if am going to buy and use the Autoext I have to forget for the upward angles, simply because I guess the base would push again this nasty lymphatic vessel on the top of my penis.

I would appreciate your comments!

What’s up guys?

It seems you don’t like me! Or probably I am bugging you with my questions.

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