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Attention Board --DHEA and Andro bann in congress

Attention Board --DHEA and Andro bann in congress

There is a bill in the HR right now that will BAN DHEA and ANDRO,
and some other good supps, making them a controlled substance.

It is H.R. 207, sponsored last October by U.S. congressmen Sweeney
and Osborne. This bill could ban all hormone precursors and there
could be a domino effect with Yohimbe next, and much of what many
of use routinely in PE and body building. Clinton snuk in a similar
bill that banned GHB.

Il posted this in the supplement forum too, so Thunder can decide
where to put it for maximum perusal.

I have a form letter send to congressmen, but according to Life
Extension, the bill looks as if there is no way to derail it.

Clinton snuck thru a similar bill banning GHB.


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GHB could be pretty dangerous…it (apparently :) ) is like being drunk without the coordination loss.


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Alot of BB boards have been bitchin’ about this for quite sometime now. Sounds bad to some and maybe in some cases it really is. IMO, this really isn’t the big, bad government trying to take away folks BB supp’s and erection aids, but more a response to the supplement companies and their questionable behaviors. Namely side effects and label claims. Remeber the a certain baseball player and a particular product spotted in his locker? Well, that product is laughed at by most as virtually useless unless you’re interested in gyno and jacking the fuck out of your estrogen levels. Later, somewhat better PH options have come out and gained favor. Then you get the 1-test thing which is not exactly a PH, according to it’s peddlers it IS a steroid, effectively transdermal of all things. What of other reports of some PH products being pulled after testing which found traces of scheduled substances, albeit anecdotal and hard to confirm, resulting gov intervention is not astonishing. Great way to introduce a product that really works…at least for the first marketing wave. This goes beyond just jacking up a listed substance on a label claim. This FDA shit has been a long time coming and so much of it is the fault of the companies themselves. I don’t doubt that alot of useful supp’s will unfortunately get hit by alot of this regulation, but I really doubt that any letters are going to have much influence. I’ve read a few politician responses to the more vocal opponents and they are indeed typical form letters. groa

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