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Attention All Clampers

Attention All Clampers

Attention All Clampers:

I have been making some excellent progress in a routine combining Edging/Ballooning/X-Ulis. I am totally convinced that this is the quickest, cheapest and most efficient path to erect and flaccid girth. It also promotes very nice flaccid length. I have gained girth almost continuously with these routines without loosing any erect length. As mentioned by SparkyX in another thread erect length gains may not be measurable in my case because they are being absorbed by girth, or more precisely total penile volume. I will be commenting more on this in the future.


Recently, I’m getting a lot of PMs from newbies asking the same questions over and over concerning clamping, Most of which are questions that have been answered in great detail by either myself or other vets on the clamping thread. I’ve titled this thread EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW about clamping, and that is precisely what is posted there, certainly everything I know and everything we all know collectively, by those who have chimed in. Because we are learning as we go the information constantly increases. I am always happy to answer newbie questions, but due to a new writing deadline I am currently pressed for time. I will only answer clamping questions on this thread. So please do not PM me with clamping questions, ask them here instead.

I was once told by Thunder that when two members discuss PE via Private Messages, only two people benefit, where if the discussions take place on the threads thousands benefit. This is sound wisdom from our leader. So, for the time being, any PMs concerning clamping will only get a link to this thread.

Clamping Thread:

CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

The very first post responding to the clamping thread was by Sizemeister. He has an excellent video in his signature showing how to do X-Ulis. Watch it. If you have a dial-up connection it takes a while to download, but it is well worth the wait.

Thanks, guys

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I disagree. If you are a newbie, you do not need to be clamping.

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Thanks for posting this Big Girtha.That thread was everything I needed to know.

Originally Posted by remek
I disagree. If you are a newbie, you do not need to be clamping.

I know, but that doesnt mean that newbies DON’t clamp.

At least if it was there, they would see it and hopefully if they INSIST on doing it, at least they’re doing it correctly.

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Like slackjaw said, if they are going to do it anyways, why not show them how to do it right? It’s like with condoms. They sell them to you at any age, don’t suggest using them but figure people will have sex anwyays so why not it be safe?


You are right. I probably should have posted this in the newbie forum. I don’t think we are supposed to post the same thread in two different places. However, if the mods feel this would be more appropriate in Newbie, please feel free to move it there.

thecheebbaman: You’re right also. If you new comers are going to mess around with clamps, (I advise against it) I’d rather you do it right. We’ve already had one member injure himself with clamps; I’d hate to see another. Although I always put excessive warnings in all my threads about the dangers of aggressive girth work, I still feel a little responsible when an injury occurs from clamping, because I so frequently promote this routine for gaining girth quickly. Although we all want QUICK gains, gaining anything too fast might not be a good thing long term.

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