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At what age did you.

At what age did you.

Exactly at what age do you think your penis stopped growing..

I’m 18 and I never stuck to a PE routine to long because I got scared that maybe it would inter-fer with my natural growth??

Do you think it would benefit me if I Jelq even if I still might be growing?

I think I’m a late bloomer because I truly don’t think I’m done with puberty.I got a lot of hair down there and everything, but my voice still cracks I don’t know??

Whats your opinion on this

Someone around here has a sig that says, “Jelq like the wind, my boy, jelq like wind!” That’s my advice to you. Jelqing (or other manual exercises like stretching) will not interfere with natural growth—there’s even a chance it might enhance it.

To answer the original question, I have no idea. But I do wish I started earlier. I cannot see it hurting natural growth, but I would not go overboard that’s for sure.

I’d say most guys are fully developed by 20.

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It was probably just about a year ago, at 20, for me. It hasn’t gotten any bigger since.

It was about 17 for me.


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Mine stopped growing at about 15.5, but I was a very early developer.

At 18 I think you are perfectly safe to do PE. Just make sure you get recovery time in.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I can’t remember, but it was early; like 16ish.

THank God for PE.

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15 or 16 for me

I would say perhaps 17 or something. However PE induced growth will continue for some time to come.

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The so called experts claim the average age is 16, with some going to 18-20. (I am sure a few may grow beyond the age of 20, but very rare. Guys like to think they are growing, and may even convince himself.)

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Mine stopped growing at around 17. I had the same dilema as you. I was 18 years old, unsatisfied with my size, and had to make the decision to PE. I think that at 18 years you should be fine. Do the newbie routine for 3 monthes instead of 2 before you go into advanced techniques.

I’m currently doing the newbie routine.
5 minutes warm up

5 minutes Jelqing

10-15 minutes stretching

(Fowler’s here and there)

3 min warm down
I personalized it, but it should be fine right?

Any opinions?

I’m going more for length then anything

I have a weirdly bigger girth, 5.7 inches and small length “5.5 inches”

It’s meaty, but it looks kinda stocky!

I don’t know, I started PE when I was around 18, but I think it might have kept growing naturally for a little while longer than that. I’ve gotten some pretty decent gains, so I don’t think it has interfered with my natural growth.

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