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Asian guys who PE


Originally posted by pizzapaul121
Yeah, why do you want to especially murder black dudes? How is that not a racist comment?

I should’ve been more clearer, I should’ve said THOSE black dudes (targeting a group of black people I know).

The whole racist thing is overrated, I don’t see how some black people can be so ignorant and racist when they are screaming the same thing.

You see one white guy slip and say “n****” and the whole world will kill him.

When some black comedy stand up person calls an asian chink nobody says shit.

I have black, white and asian friends. Trust me the whole racist thing is overrated.

The real racist dudes are the ones who really keep it inside and will talk behind your back because they’re afraid of saying it in front of people. Those people aren’t hard to map out either.

An example:

Benzino shouted out against Eminem because he was taking the “black man’s” culture.

How is that any different than your black friends inviting a white person to a hip hop group and suddenly somebody hates the white guy because he’s more popular than the others.

How is Benzino any less racist than Eminem?

Again the racist things is a touchy subject and overrated.
I don’t care to go into the never-ending battle of he said this and he said that.


“Everytime I hear something like that I wanna murder them especially those black dudes who are really small or not so big and start saying shit about other people’s penises when they have this little insecurity in the back of their heads.”

I don’t know you or your background but, I will say that honestly, speaking of murdering anyone, especially here on this great forum in that tone is bound to offend someone.

And yes racist comments can be very touchy and get out of hand very quickly. So try to be more cognisant next time. I’m just saying that people in general myself included, have a habit of speaking before thinking sometimes!

We at best have 100 years to live and enjoy our time here on this great planet, why waste it worrying about racist comments, those black dudes with small dicks that are insecure, (Shit if I had a 9 inch flaccid penis like everyone expects me to,I wouldn’t be here…LOL)

I hate having that myth hanging over my head! But guess what? After I get my two inches, I’ll be super hung but,…it will still be a myth!

Honestly, this forum is filled with great guys who are more open minded than the average Joe on the street and are pretty aware that there are lots of hung Asian guys out there.

We are all here for one reason to grow a L A R G E R D I C K!

And Stay Away From Those Negative People…Stress can cause heart related diseases and we need that for our girth work!

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GOAL 05/30/2008 8.5 EBP X 6.00 EG Mid Shaft, 7.5 NBPEL!

Exactly, I don’t know why LonerJ is so upset. It’s way worse to be black and be expected to have a huge dick, only to disappoint when you’re average than it is to be expected to have a small one and wow people when you don’t.

pizzapaul121 is right and sorry about the capital I thing

chitonan, I’m asian

in repsonse to the very first question

In response to first question of this thread, I am also Asian. More specifically, I am a Canadian with a Filipino Background.

What’s the blacks average size? (on this board)

How about asians ?

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

can't represent all asians..

but as an oriental, I have been dealing with a below than average sized penis. So I’m not saying that us orientals have it bad. I mean I haven’t seen many asian penises to be the judge of the stereotype. I can only speak for myself. My current size does not really bother me though, as I have managed to find ways to pleasure my girlfriend and still make her come. Smaller guys like me tend to perfect other forms of love making. So having a small penis right now isn’t so life-threatening.

I don’t know if it was this post of not, but I do recall a black member of this forum stating that its harder to deal with the black penis sterotype especially when you’re not as big as the “norm”. With the exceptional gains I’ve been making on my first month of PE’ing (have yet to share all starting measurements), I honestly can not wait for the time when I no longer fit the asian stereotype.

I drive a Subaru. Does that make me asian?

By the way, I was once told that “oriental” is offensive and that “asian” is the correct term. Any comments?

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

I think “asian” is used more frequent that “oriental”. What’s the difference anyway ?

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo

Im 100% korean. I dont get offended if people call me Asian or Oriental, but the norm is Asian. I started out 5.5”, which I believe is slightly below average? and am currently ~6”…which I believe is slightly above average. My girth usually flucuates between 5 7/8 - 6”.

Yes, the stereotype is blown WAY out of proportion. When I tell guys about my size, they’re shocked cuz they think I had like a 4 incher. Out of the….8? guys I have talked to about the subject, I was bigger than 4, 1 was the same size, and the rest were bigger than me. They were all white BTW.

We’re all here to get larger…no matter how frustrating that may be :P

Wow, that’s a pretty huge girth you have there wanna! Guess that shows the stereotype should be updated :)

Started: 6 dec 2003 15 may 2004 : 7.6 x 5.9 inches Want : 8 (nbp) x 6 (head) My photo


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