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As we start the NEW YEAR....

As we start the NEW YEAR....

These are prosperous times! We’re gonna see growth like never before……as I sit here typing this stuff I’ve got my sights set on new growth……girth’s gonna come like youve never seen…..flaccid size is up…..guys are seeing fatigue in their penises……that fatigue eventually leads to new size……new size is what we want ….what our partners want……youve never seen a womans’ eyes light up like you do when she sees that big bulge in your levis’ …….this is a new year men……a new start …..lets stay focused on getting that new size…….because thats what we’re all REALLY here for…….I’ll see YOU at the top!

here here raise you drinks and a toast to bigger packages in 2002
I’m making my new years resoultion to break over the 8 inch mark and I want to hit the 8x6.25 girth by the end of the summer. Think it and than make it happen, if you don’t try you already failed.

Happy New Year Guys:)


Hey Still

Can I use that for an p/u line, Hey most girls cant fit there hands around a six inch girth, that would sure as hell break the ice.

pick up line....

sure man go for it and let me know how it works for ya!

I would like to add...

Speaking as a newbie I am very optimistic about the new year. With all the great info being shared by all you PE vets it is obvious that lack of gains, more often than not are from lack of effort. So let me be the first newbie going into the New Year to say thank you all and Happy (safe) New Year.

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

ok I have been slacking, I admit it. My New Years resolution is to, gain an inch in legth and and inch in girth. I will post my current stats as soon as this week is over, i am dehydrated and starving, wrestling season.

Hello Guys,

My best wishes to you for 2002! I hope all of us will gain EG/EL results this year !! My target is 7” EL! This is my last challenge since I started (April 2000).

Thank you to support all of us in ours efforts, to encourage us to be successfull!!


Siberia, PeFollower & Toolguy....

We have a new Experiment going, starting January 5th. Why don’t you guys join us and sign up for it? It might jump-start your routine and gains.

If interested, please post in this thread so that Thunder can give you access to the Experiment Forum. We need a detailed version of your planned or current workout, if you want to stick with it and your measurements. Right now, I’m waiting for Sizemeister to clear his Database, so that we all can post our complete stats over there and keep track of them during the project.

Experiment thread:

New Experiment / Jan. 5th 2002

Size’s Database:

Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


YEAH BABY!!! That’s what I’m talking about. I wanna hang more meat in the smoke house! Jimmy Dean’s gonna be jealous. I’m putting my routine down on paper tonight. Experiment page here I come! I’m very glad to see the ezboard members here. Home is where you hang yer……..hat.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

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