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As Seen On Tv's Grip Wrench=quick Ext. Uli Device?

As Seen On Tv's Grip Wrench=quick Ext. Uli Device?

Has anyone seen this advertise?

If this product works like it says it does, then it may be the PERFECT device for bibs extreme uli’s.
It supposely can be pulled extremely tight ( which it would have to,as sometimes the wrench has to clench very tight to losen something up).It also locks,and can unlock in seconds.
It comes in 2 sizes,a big wrench and a mini wrench.

I seen them at walgreens for $10,but I didnt pick one up since I has someone with me.

If anyone has one then give it a try and let us know how it works.Or maybe someone will volunteer to buy one and see how it works.Im keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out to be an essential pe device.

Cable Clamps from Walmart with a little underwrapping are perfect for Extreme Uli’s. There like 3 dollars a pack.

You are really paranoid. Just because you buy a legitimate wrench for plumbing, ext., you think people are in your head enough to know what you are going to use it for?

Anyway, don’t you think that thing is a little bulky to be hanging off your cock? Go the cable clamp route. And don’t worry about buying them. The girl at the cash register will not know what you are going to use them for….or will she?

I’ve tried the grip wrench and it doesn’t work, for me at least. The rubber band can’t get tight enough to really uli because it stretches, and the space where the band intesects with the handle pinches the penis even with a decent amount of wrapping on.

My favorite device for extreme ulis is still the multi-clamp. Do a search here for that term, and/or multiclamp, and you should get several hits.

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