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Aroused vs Excited (concerning men)

Aroused vs Excited (concerning men)

I stated this is another thread of mine, but since it wasn’t heavily viewed, I thought if I stated it in another way more people would comment.

Let me say that I believe arousal is the mind being stimulated leading to an erection in a male while excitment is the penis being stimulated with no mental component to it.

Here’s why this is important for us PErs: based on the when you measure your L”xG” you may be counting yourself short, plus I believe the quality of the erection (arousal vs excitment) may place a bearing on your gains.

Here’s my personal example: Started PE (I didn’t take accurate before measurements-sorry I just jumped into it) with what seemed to be a large-not huge (why else would I be here)-cock around 8.5NBPx5.75 (I didn’t measure girth, but I only fit into xl magnums and some here said that was the minimum girth need to fit into them), but with close to a year into it I saw very little gain (9BPx5.8 and yes I was dedicated, enough to where I believe my grades slipped a little-I’m more balanced now). That was until I started over on the newbie train and “blew up” to 9.25BP (still 5.8” girth).

Unfortunately, this 0.5” increase in length (8.75BP when I started) after 1.5 years is disappointing to a dedicated PEr.

But then I realized something: when I was ready to pound the lucious ass of my gf, my dick felt larger and thicker than when I PE; in fact, it was as if I had a clamp on. This got me thinking that this cannot be the same cock. The thing is when I jelq, clamp, whatever, I don’t use any pictures or vids (hence stimulating arousal) like many here; I only use memories of my girl to help me get going, which has been productive at times (arousal) but many times lead to subpar erections (excitement).

Let me be clear here: excitement does not mean limp, it means not gaining an erection at your full potential, but you still get an erection. And this is where it may get tricky to notice. Because I have orgasmed off of an excited erection and an aroused one, but the “excited” orgasm was not fulfilling (meaning your body is not drained like after a long “fuck” with your gf/wife) while after making love to my girl or if I happen to get an aroused erection, I’m through for the day-I don’t want anything to do with sex!

Like I said for me the aroused state is similar to having a clamp on (those who clamp can testify that their unit gets very big when clamped off), and therefore, I think that’s why gains for girth (obviously the only thing I’m interested in gaining right now) for me were difficult to come by at the beginning (this theory is based on aristocrane-sp?- theory for girth gains coming from continuous pressure against the tunica) as my erections were not as full.

Thanks for reading my thoughts…any questions (or comments)


BTW, For those wondering my size when I clamp it reaches 9.5NBP x 6.0 -when I sex my gf up it does not get that big…but close.

I know what you mean about the difference between aroused and excited, but I think I can reach my full size quickly without the arousal. Even when I take something like Cialis, in my mind I feel like I have this bigger more powerful tool between my legs, but when I measure, it is the same as always.

Horny Bastard

I agree, I definitely feel bigger when I’m having sex rather then masturbating.
Recently when I’m hard, but not having sex it LOOKS bigger but when I’m having sex it actually FEELS bigger too

But when i have sex i keep my erection for a long time after whereas with masturbation it goes soon after i orgasm.

anyone else experience this?

Interesting to see my thread finally make the latest thread column. Well I hope some more people respond because I think this is an interesting topic that can gives insight into hard gainers (such as myself)

In addition, since now I know that my erection quality differs (it may not differ for those who gain consistently), I have to clamp for every PE workout so that my excited erections come close to my aroused erections.

Please any thoughts?


BT79, you’ve brought up an interesting concept and I want to study it more thorougly before commenting. Although it may or may not be related, I’m trying to enhance my skills at being able to ejaculate without physical stimulation, i.e., simply by mental processes alone. Currently, I can get myself into a trance-like state of mind and induce dry orgasms without ejaculation, but I want to go the limit, over the edge and cum completely. How this applies to PE I’m not sure, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if this is completely off topic. Thanks.

Hank (WB9x7)

A little off the topic, but you did address that there is a difference in erection quality.


Originally Posted by blackthunder79
A little off the topic, but you did address that there is a difference in erection quality.


I usually don’t get a strong erection when I’m working up to a dry orgasm without physical stimulation. I think I should have thought out my initial post more thoroughly before responding here, as I do think it’s probably too far off-topic. My bad.

Originally Posted by blackthunder79
Let me say that I believe arousal is the mind being stimulated leading to an erection in a male while excitment is the penis being stimulated with no mental component to it.

Interesting. The former is labeled “psychogenic erection” while the latter is labeled “reflexogenic erection” in the clinical literature. (Though there may be problems with this dichotomy:…7&dopt=Abstract)

I also find that my erections are largest when having sex.

Who measures while having sex?

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

I can just tell. My erections are always hard, but during intercourse they are like 110% throbbing hard.

Same here. I also get the same effect when I have sex with someone I care about versus someone I just have casual sex with.

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