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Are you sleeping

Are you sleeping


There are 17 people on the board right now and I made the last comment on the main forum at 8:30am. Is it that slow in PE land?



Uncle Dino is going to tell everybody a funny PE story since it’s slow right now, everybody gather around with your pillows. I have been doing long heavy duty jelqing squeezing and stretching sessions for the last three weeks sort of a month of shock workouts I’m used to two 20min workouts so this is a big difference. So anyway I went out to a bar this friday night and a couple of hours before I went out I did a very intense hour long jelq and squeeze session so I was looking all puffed for the ladies. After a couple of beers I go to take a leak and my dick is so huge “not hard” just about 7 inches long flaccid and past my normal 6 inch girth by a good amount and it was very hot to the touch, at first I was thrilled but than I started to worry that I hurt myself I started thinking that the blood was stuck in my dick, but I had no pain it felt great. So for the next hour I went to bathroom 3 times to see and it was still the same so I started freaking out thinking I fucked my dick up so I went home and to bed and in the morning it was fine. The only thing I did that I forgot about was taking a vigorplex before I went out and it was the first time I took one in months so I’m thinking that might have made the difference they used to give a good fluffy when I first started taking them. I never thought I would be scared of my dick being Big.

Dino}:-) ~

Funny story, sounds like your huge anyway.


7.75 X 6

But I’m more of a grower, I’m happy when I get a 5 inch flaccid after I work out I can maybe get get a 6. I never got so big and I haven’t been able to duplicate it.


What’s “vigorplex” - it sounds like it might be an effective treatment for my erectile dysfunction…



thanks for the story. So, are you saying you think vigorpleax is good? I thought it was worthless by hearing other accounts. Or maybe the story was that it was good for a week or so and then you built up a tolerance and it was not too effective. I don’t recall. I think my problem is too much caffeine and tobacco use to get a real good flaccid hang.

Mr A

You can buy it rite-aid under the pharmasure label also in some gnc’s but it called something different in the gnc stores. We had a huge amout of posts about it on our sister board. For me it only works for a couple of weeks than I get nothing from it, for awhile it does seem to increase my flaccid size and cum loads. it also makes me nervous and sometimes ill tempered some of the older guys had trouble with there blood pressure after taking it. You can go over to and perform a search and you should get a ton of info unless it was lost in the troll attack. There is also a Horny Goat weed that doesn’t have the stuff in it that makes you nervous you might want to look into that.



Yeah with me it only has short term effects so I just save it for the weekend when I want to look large in my levis. I gave up coffee and most caffeine and it has made a big difference and I even have more energy after a week of caffeine withdrawal hell. But I’m still plagued by the changes in flaccid size I can still do the disappearing dick trick, but not as often.


Vigorplex and beer wasn’t good for me…totally killed my sex drive.


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