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Are you Hung

Are you Hung

Hi there every body. Just for curiosity like to know at what size in your opinion a penis is considered to be Hung. I stand now at 7 1/2 ELBP and 5 5/8 EG I know IM just a little ahead of average but I don’t consider My self to be hung. What is that size that I can start calling my self hung any input will be appreciated. Ten By Seven

I don’t think bp measurements are what make you hung. I think 7+nbp is hung. Right now i am 6.25nbp and 7.25bp so my bp is pretty long but i need alot more nbp in order for me to consider myself hung. I would like to be 8”nbp.

My opinion

8 x 6 erect but hung refers to your hanging (flaccid) measurements. In this case 6 x 5 would be considered hung. But that’s just my opinion.

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I’m in the same boat as you are sizewise, and flacid my dick resembles a light switch. 8x6 in my mind is hung, but it’s relative because it’s bigger than what I have, yet attainable. There’s guys around here shooting for 10. I can’t assume they don’t consider themselves hung, either they don’t, or they do but want more for whatever reason. Maybe they’ll comment.

Well my flaccid size is 5 1/2 NBPL by 5 1/4 girth. Maybe is a combination of both erect and flaccid to be hung. For example in my case my first main goal is to reach 8 inches NBPL by 6 inches in girth (I’M now at 7 NBPL by 5 5/8 in EG) to complete the combo my flaccid size have to be 6 in length by 5 3/4 in girth then I will call my self hung. Please i like to get more input from other members, Vets and moderators. Thanks Ten By Seven

In my opinion 8” non bone pressed erect, by any girth, would qualify as hung. I don’t really consider flaccid size in terms of being hung, but I guess 6” flaccid would be impressive enough to say you were hung. But if it didn’t grow to 8” when hard, I don’t think many women would describe you as hung. Although I don’t think they’d complain, either. The local Swinger’s magazine has a WEM (Well Endowed Male) section where you have to be 8” erect or above in order to qualify and place an ad there.

I really dont give a damn about flaccid size. The only reason I am doing this is for women, so if I have a 2 incher flaccid that grows to 8x6 I will be happier than a six incher that grows to 7.5x5.5. (however I have quite a ways to go beofre approaching either of these.) I really dont give a damn about the guys in the locker room.



Six inches flaccid is probably enough to be considered ‘hung’. I say flaccid because usually the first time a women sees your package you are probably going to be flaccid, unless your just too excited!. I think there is something in the pysche (for both partners) that is affected the first time a women see your stuff. Six inches or more would probably make an impression.

more hung

BTW, I am currently 4.5 bp flaccid, and wouldn’t mind swinging a sixer.

6x5 flaccid is almost definitely hung!..If you think about it, that is the average ERECT size, so flaccid it is very impressive.

7.5EL(NBP) x 5.5 EG is hung IMO.

Bogava i totally agree with you i don’t care what my flaccis size look like as long my ELNBP go pas 8 inches. From now on my measurement will be taken NBP after all thats what I’M really working for. Izzizzi I have never been flaccid with any woman the first time I have been with her. One of my real problems doing PE is that my weapon refuses to go down when I’M doing my routine so when I know I’M going to get some sex my weaponed is up maybe an hour before action time. Ten By Seven


I think mine was flaccid the last - first time (thats confusing). But it has been so long ago… I have been married for 17 years, so that means, I don’t get to flash my stuff at the women that much ,(actually never) :- (

Flaccid is not my top concern, but it is a nice bonus. I think that 8”s counts as hung. I agree with those that have mentioned 6 inches flaccid. If the first time your future partner sees you package you are soft… and the same size Mr. average is hard… That has got to make for a big psychological impact.

I am not that far from either of those measures in inches; however, at the rate I am gaining it will be quite a while.

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Well I always thought the word “hung” implied hanging. You know, flaccid. When you say “endowed” that is different, and I know people say hung when they mean total size, but as a nudist and a nude model I think people mean flaccid when they say hung in my circles.

One bit of information most guys here don’t seem to discuss much is flaccid size. I have tried countless times and very few people ever respond or care to talk about flaccid size. Yeah yeah it does vary, but all it all if you measure enough there is an average size.

What I found most interesting is the size stated as average on surveys. It is hard to find but I did find quite a few surveys and the sizes they state are surprizing to me. It is always, always under 4 in girth. I averaged them all out and came up with 3.89. The length is about 3.5-4, but the problem is they never say if that is measuring the hang with a tape or lifted perpendicular and using a ruler. Either way, although I think they mean the hang, that seems like a small average, but after thinking and being in gyms and nude beaches, I guess that is right. Anyway, I am 4.5 (using the tape with the hang) or about 4 with a ruler. The girth is about 4.25-4.375. I always felt that was small. But after thinking about it and calculating my height into the equation I feel better. I am 5”8 and 155. Also I shave the testicles and penis which makes it look bigger.

Now, before classes I use the uli-wrap, jelq and sometimes even take viagra and pump. Then when I look at it, it looks very big. It is about 5.5-6 by 4.625 flaccid. On my body it looks hung. When I get the softy, or am hanging long it also looks hung. That is a long way around to answer the question, but anyway yes 6 x 5 is hung, but I also think that anything over 5 x 4.5 flaccid could also be considered “hung”, unless the guy’s body is so big that is looks small on him.


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