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Are we SURE PE doesn't cause hairloss?


I agree with Motivated. The effect of jelqing might be similar to edging but to a lesser degree. I know when I jelq I get a certain amount of pre-ejaculatory fluid leakage. From an evolutionary standpoint, ejaculating may tell the body that the job is done, the seed is spread and testosterone levels and sperm production can return to normal. By edging or to a lesser degree jelqing and NOT ejaculating, perhaps the body interprets that as the task was interrupted whether it be by a rival male or a saber-tooth tiger, either way it would be a good idea to boost both sperm production and testosterone.

I have heard of a few studies that show that sperm production on average has been declining for decades and the blame is placed primarily on the higher concentration of phyto-estrogen in our diet. This is also partly to blame for girls menstruating and developing earlier than in the past.

It makes sense to me that PE would boost testosterone. Maybe you could offset it by drinking some soy milk which is high in phyto-estrogen.

Good luck with both your PEing and reducing you hair loss.

Seriously guys, i really doubt that PE raises testosterone to a level that can cause hair loss. The arguments of sex and masturbating causing hairloss has been done so so so many times, and it has been proven there is no correlation between sex, masturbating or PE and hair loss.

You are probably shedding due to propecia’s synchronised shedding cyle. I have been on it for 3 1/2 years and I go through periods where my hair looks awesome and then I go through months where I think my hair is finished, only for it to recover again. Propecia is a rollercoaster ride but at the end I think I will finish on top of the MPB bullshit.


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