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Are we qualitatively different?

Are we qualitatively different?

I realize that we are all here for a reason, to make our dicks bigger. We talk about bad flaccid days, our insecurities and fears…most dealing with our obsessions about our “inadequate” dicks. We look at people’s crotches to see if they are bigger than us and generally spend hours aday thinking about our genitals. We look at size surveys and ponder whether we are average, above, or below…and wonder whether measurements are BP or non-BP (all surveys in this arena are lacking due to no random sampling…the men who participate in these surveys might be different than the general population). Are all men afflicted with this “disease”, or are we really different. Maybe we are here because are dicks really are smaller than the guys who don’t seem to care, maybe that’s why when we ask our partners if they’ve been with someone bigger, they all say “yes.”

One foot to go

I’m slightly obsessed but I’m trying to get over it.

I question the accuracy of some surverys. Think about it. If you aren’t packing much you don’t really want to participate.

A survey of a group of 3000 1st year Italian army recruits showed a average stretch size to be about 5 inches.

Until I was 26 I was barely aware that men measured their tool. I just didn’t care much at all or pay attention to the topic; I was oblivious to whether a previous lover was bigger or not, and if I thought I might care, then voilà: “size didn’t matter” anyway, and we all know about “the great equalizer”, and real crap like that. Of course it matters: it matters if and when it matters. Can you say naive and ignorant… :idiot:

Some years later now, and I admit I’m obsessed. When finding out about PE, I very soon visualized my designed size and shape; the one I would celebrate the most on average of every meaningful situation. I’m paying alot of attention to my unit these days; not least what my flaccid is like. I’m thinking about my goal size several times each day, and I hang out here compulsively in the quest to improve my PE.

What I’m not too obsessed with though, is what the exact average really is and where my size falls on the chart: If I were I’d be PEing all my life to be hung like the biggest bull anyone ever saw, and then some more. I’m not in it for any bragging rights, but because size matters.
When eventually I’m on a maintainance routine, I will celebrate (no shit), but my obsession will fade and of that I’m quite sure too. Size will become one of those blessful things that I “wouldn’t change if I could”, and hunky dory end of story.


Even tho we are worried about our size not measuring up I would bet nearly all women would rather we be a ‘good’ size and a good lover (including things like pussy licking, staying power, the motion in the ocean, etc…).

There is a chemistry lovers have and it’s not based on dick size. When you look into someone’s eyes and feel a mutual attraction or your skin tingles… you know there is chemistry.

When the lovemaking finally begins, having a bigger dick is always better. But I do not believe it’s the main factor among lovers.

Meanwhile, I will continue doing PE… just incase I am completely wrong.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...


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