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Are These Dark Veins Normal? Help!!!

Are These Dark Veins Normal? Help!!!

Hello guys gonabbiger here again, I have a veiny cock anyway. But ive just noticed that when my penis is flaccid, and i pull my foreskin back there are a couple of really dark veins. Is this normal? I dont think they were that dark before i started pe. Im having a days rest as im a bit concerned about it.

Can you help guys?

Help please guys?

Are they painful? Inflammed? If not, you haven’t got a problem.



No they are not painfull or inflamed, just wondering if i should just keep up with my pe though. And wondering what causes the veins to go dark?

They only went dark after PE, for sure? (Maybe you are just paying more attention to your dick now, and they were always there?)

Was it gradual? How much darker? No change when erect?


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Hey blop, not to sure if they were dark before, probably never noticed as my veins were not so prominent before pe.

Have not looked at them yet when ive got an erection, i was just worried that my penimaster could of caused it, as one of the dark veins is just under my glands where i tighten the straps.

I know im not over doing things as im only doing the newbie routine, well probably even less than that, and using the penimaster for three hours a day with a day off.

Anyone else experienced these veins?

Hey blop are you there?

Blop isn’t always around mate, sometimes it takes a while to get responses. I am gonna sound like a broken record, but all I suggest is to stop PE’ing for a while and do plenty of hot wraps. I don’t think they are anything to worry about - but next time, stick with manual stretches, I don’t think the penismaster is needed yet and might be too much for you for now. Don’t rush into things and stick with the newbie routine and you will be fine.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Thanks for the advice pest!

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