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Are there any risks in using an infrared lamp?


Yeah, I guess I also bought one of those lamps you guys mean. Cost me something like $20. It shows red light, but damn it gets really hot so I suppose I’m frying the little guy !! As far as I know, the “real” infrared/ultrasound lamps are only for medical use and cost something around a few thousand. Those things can really penetrate deep down into the body - more or less an enhanced and more human version of a microwave oven.

If you put your hand about 10” in front of the lamp right after you turned it on and you feel heat, there is some infrared action going on. My lamp does omit infrared but also regular visible light and gets hot like hell. To protect my testicles I just pull a sock over my sack. This should stop the infrared. The heat from the lamp itself doesn’t affect the balls at the recommended distance, 20” or so.

Old thread, new question.

So someone had posted about a line of products by Thermotex. They are all variations on an infra red heating pad.

Here is some information concerning it’s temperature ranges:
“All systems come with hi-low power settings. On the low setting, after full heat up, the micron range holds steady at 9.1376 based on surface temperatures of 111°F. On the high setting, the micron range is 9.1089 to 8.7778 based on the range of surface temperatures of 113°F to 135°F.”

Any thoughts of possible harm if I were to do whole package pumping with the an infra red heating pad wrapped around the cylinder? Specifically, damage to testicles would be my concern. I have no intention of having kids, but I don’t want my testosterone production to be affected negatively.


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