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Are there any proofs that rest days are good for PEing?

I agree what Devotion9 said!

If you want big gains you can’t wait for it to come! If you want huge gains it’s hard work. If your EQ isn’t that great but not bad either.. fine, take it from there and work your unit from that point. If your EQ is bad one morning for example.. just wait! Later at the day/evening your EQ may be better. You can always do some form of PE every day that you have in your routine and exercises you do. But if you have overworked you need rest! But that’s another question.

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Heat is the key!

Let your penis guide you on when to rest.

Also don’t discount active rest days where you apply heat, piss pulls, ADS, fowfers, etc..

In my experience I grow most when I really go hard into my PE routines 6 or 7 days a week and scaling a routine back if I feel slightly sore but never having a full rest day. However, this is not easy to maintain if you have any sort of a life, family, job, commitments, social life, etc.

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Should we differentiate between girth work and length work?

For length, consensus seem to be that every day stretching is best. Anyone disagree? I’m on 9 consecutive weeks with hanging now, so I sure hope there’s not a benefit to taking days off that I’m missing.

With girth, I think it possibly depends on the individual and the intensity of the routine. There are examples of guys who’s gained with 3 days per week, 5 on/2 off or 7 days per week and other templates.

If you do a super intense routine where your girth really blows up during exercise, I think most will find that their EQ suffer and they will not be able to perform as well the next days. With such routines, it would make sense to take time off, no? At least that’s what happens with me when I do a really intense girth work out. My cock looks super impressive, but on the next day or the day after if I’m able to perform two in a row, my cock is no longer impressive and needs time off.

But if you do a more moderate routine where you just get light/moderate expansion and maintain great EQ/wood, you’re probably better off performing it daily or close to that.

So, which is better?

Originally Posted by plaidshirt

From all my reading rest days seem to be where it is at . Two weeks off every 6 weeks . It seems alot people grow during rest or that get a quick gain when starting back . Tntjockey did 6 on 2 off xenolith did 6 on 2 off as well and both reported nice gains.

The 6 on 2 off is number of weeks , not days just to clarify . After rereading i can see where one might get a misunderstanding.

I agree with renholder on girth workouts my flaccid looks huge for the next while after but my EQ is low for the next day or 2 .. Maybe I’m just not conditioned enough yet. It’s weird to here that lots of people keep going with no rest day with low EQ when I started here I read lots of threads that said if your EQ suffers at all take a break or you won’t gain?? Sounds like lots of people are gaining like that though.. I am gaining girth about .25 and flaccid length over 1 inch doing the newbie routine and bathmate but I really want some erect length but haven’t seen any yet .. Should I maybe start hanging or do you guys think since the flaccid is growing that erect length will come?? I’ve heard about the bib started sounds good but I was wondering if you gotta be cut to use it ?? Any info would help I just really wanna make some gains .. Been doing PE for about 6 months now

Hanging is a shit load of work, so I would focus on stretches for now.

Maybe you need to work on your stretching technique or change up your routine by adding more volume, days or even stretch harder (don’t overdo it though). Make sure you warm up.

Consider using an ADS.

Hanging can be great, but make no mistake, it takes a lot of effort.

There’s no proof but for some reason that’s when I see jumps in length

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Hanging progress.......... Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.

The question I want answered is about heat though

So you figure I should just forget the bathmate and just focus on stretching and jelqing then ?? I have a size genetics extender I wore for 3 months for 6-8 hours a day with no results and I just found it a pain in the ass to work with it on since I have a very physical job.. Maybe I’m just a hard gainer .. I have made all my flaccid gains with the newbie routine but getting kinda frustrated I’m not seeing any erect length .. I have good girth 5 1/2 just looking for length because I’m only 6 NBP and would love to get to at least 7 and 8 would be the dream.

Only 6NBP? That’s above average.

If You are looking for length gains, try stretches over thick fulcrum. It gave me more gains in 3months than regular stretching gave in 9-10.

As for thread: it’s just like PI’s and “more/less is more” approach- try it by yourself. Try 2/1, 5/2, 7/0 routine and see what happens.

What’s stretches over thick fulcrum?? Sounds promising . Fulcrums are where you pull through your legs and sit on it is it not?

That’s a fowfer I believe. A fulcrum is something you would put against your penis and pull it around. For example a round shaving cream can could be used as a fulcrum. I’m not sure how to describe it any better than that.

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Oh ok thanks cardinal I will give it a go . Do I just do a 30-50sec pull just like a normal stretch? And should I be doing the rest of my stretches as well or just a bunch of sets of Fulcrums ?? What did you do tidio ?

Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism Here’s the description of how to do long hold fulcrum stretches.
V-Stretch Maybe this could help.

If it’s not enough, search the forum for more info.

As for my experience, I started v-stretches after 2 months of regular which didn’t gave me gains. All I got in length was from jelqs. There was about 5-10mins of V’s in different places on shaft. Still without good effects, but temporary gain was quite nice. About August-September 2013 I’ve started inverted v’s over cream pot about 2,5” in diameter. This gave me good gains.

In length work there isn’t has to be a rest days. Just remember to jelq at least 5mins every day.

Thanks for the info tidio I have started doing them and I can definetly feel a good stretch . I’ll keep you posted if I start making gains .


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