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Are there any proofs that rest days are good for PEing?

Originally Posted by braindrain
I work best with no days off as well. Oddly enough I gained a wack of girth quickly by doing a hard jelq session in the morning and then some dry jelqs every 2 or 3 hours after that and another hard jelq session at night. (repeat the next day). I too believed that sleep was enough time to recover. I do think though that a plateau requires decon breaks to overcome.

Yeah Brain, I’ve been applying to this theory and I like it - thanks for the help; you can expect a fruit cake come Christmas.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by RisingUpTo7

I read that Bib had no rest days also…..He had huge gains….

I thought he had a 5 on / 2 off routine.

I say yes it is important because. I think of it like this, your penis thins out as you exercise and having a rest day thickens it back up so you are ready to go again. (To put it in a dumb way)

But then again once you have been PE-ing for a while your penis would be stronger and shorter rests may be applicable

Thanks For All Your Help

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I’m testing this out currently. Whenever I take days off I just go back to normal size (or very close to it). I measured yesterday after not taking at least a week off and I’m way above normal. If I constantly keep it above normal I don’t see how it can be a bad thing. I do plan on taking like one day off every once in a while, but not often.

Interesting, Mick. I think I might try this and see how it goes. I’m going strictly for length now so maybe that is what is needed since I have always had rest days in my routine.

Thanks for sharing :)

I think you need to find out how much stress your dick can take, before it shows negative PI’s. Like, I was doing my regular routine 3 on, 1 off 2 on 1 off. But then I jumped to 300 -350 jelqs all of the sudden, resulting in poor EQ. For me, 2 on 1 off now, is what I do. I know some people do more. For some, if you can handle the minimal rest days, thats great. But I think everyone needs a rest day, once a week.

So what have more people got gains from ? Taking rest days or not ?? I’m pretty new to this and have been trying different things with little results .. Any of the vets have a opinion on what should work better?

I take days off when my dick is hurting. I resume when it no longer hurts.

Originally Posted by penewbie

I take days off when my dick is hurting. I resume when it no longer hurts.

Oh, that’s too easy. Can’t you add some scientific terms or an acronym or two? (jk)

Rest is always important. This is when your body heals and grows. I have been stuck with no gains for about 4 months. I decide to take a week off, now I’ve grown almost . 25 in length. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I currently do a 3 days on 1 off schedule and now take a week off every 6 weeks

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Thanks for the info I’ve been going pretty hard 2 on 1 off for a 4-5 months now and haven’t really seen much for results in erect length a bit of girth and my flaccid hangs a inch bigger but maybe I’ll try that week off break ever now and again just to let the penis really heal and c where I’m at . Hope it helps trigger some new gains.

This is interesting. I feel like from what I’ve read on TP that a lot of people have gained with negative PI’s.. sometimes the most during that time. I just don’t think I could handle not being able to get it up for sex at this point in my life just for a bigger penis down the road.

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Coming back from a year long layoff.

From all my reading rest days seem to be where it is at . Two weeks off every 6 weeks . It seems alot people grow during rest or that get a quick gain when starting back . Tntjockey did 6 on 2 off xenolith did 6 on 2 off as well and both reported nice gains.

Originally Posted by plaidshirt
From all my reading rest days seem to be where it is at . Two weeks off every 6 weeks . It seems alot people grow during rest or that get a quick gain when starting back . Tntjockey did 6 on 2 off xenolith did 6 on 2 off as well and both reported nice gains.

If you PE for 6 days a week, you are going to gain. You just are. I am not going to credit that day off a week for the gains. If in a two month period, you worked for three quarters of that time, you are going to gain.

Why would the small amount of time off get the credit?

Is my extender causing my gains? Maybe. Maybe the fact that I hang 12 pounds with the BIB starter is doing it, I certainly feel intense ligament stretches with this. Maybe my Bathmate stretches are responsible.

It is a matrix of growth. You can delve as deep as you want into the numbers and it’s always inconclusive. But size is what I am after. Not having great EQ every time. EQ can be recovered. Lost potential of gains through time off can only be made up with additional workouts.

The “jumpstarting” theory seems less likely than a lot of other theories bandied about, and believe me I have read and studied A LOT of the veterans on here. There’s the one that you have to hang between your butt cheeks for four months while reclined before standing and hanging. There’s the one that if you work on girth, you limit potential length, There is the one that a four day a week guy outgains a seven day a week guy. There’s the one that size doesn’t matter, as long as you lick vaginas and ignore your cock. There’s the guys that claim to be bigger than all known porn stars, and are bigger than Mandingo and hurt all the women they are with. There’s the theory that a big cock guy gets less head, because women don’t like to suck big cocks. Oh my lord these theories are mental masturbation, in my humble opinion.

Guys seem to really start topping out at about 7.5 NBP, 6 inches girth. That is just a big old fat dick. The average guy has to struggle for years to attain this. That guy is proud to whip it out and thus gets more blowjobs. That guy facilitates more vaginal orgasms. Just my opinion? Sure. And tonight I am going to go work on my dick to become that guy.

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Theories are just that, nothing more.

Hard work and dedication are what lead to gains.

Could I PE everyday, yes. Do I need to? Not until I quit gaining.

Then, 6.1 x 4.5 Now, 7.25 x 5.25


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