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Are there any length hard gainers that found the way out


Good advice wadzilla!

I admire your persistence and would like to follow it! Could you give me the specific kind of stretches you did to promote gains after the initial newbie period? Probably that would help me to start gaining.

Originally Posted by xenolith
Not much to add. Time under tension has been the principle criteria in the design of my length training. Nothing fancy, I get up early and git er’ done (1.5-2 hrs/day of hanging). I include use of an ADS (~8hrs/day) after higher tension work to support the stretching done in the higher tension work and periods of rest (~14hrs/day) between ADS work and the following day’s higher tension work. Strategic use of deconditioning breaks (4-6 weeks) between gains campaigns (~6-10 weeks) works well for me. But the use of these is predicated on having made gains. Until that happens (talking post-newbie gains here), I recommend seeking to maximize time under tension, which may mean lowering weight, and, if you can, use of an ADS for at least an hour after your higher tension work. Not only is there no free lunch, lunch is really expensive (in terms of time).

Don’t worry about LOT, find the angle that is most conducive to time under tension and git er’ done.

Xeno, great post! I agree with maximizing time under tension and strategic deconditiong breaks. Also, if I may add “sometimes less is more,” one should pay attention to their physiologic indicators.

Physiologic Indictors (PIs) to help growth!

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Thank you guys, for giving me your good advice on hard gaining and how you came out of it. It seems that this thread is going to die, if so let it be, but I wonder if there are more success stories of hard gainers, who finally found the solution to gain length after a lot of struggle.

For those of you who will read this thread in the future, look to my other thread named How long before resuming PE after adult circumcision – you will find a lot of interesting posts there RE hard gaining and PE routines.

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I am a hard gainer who has not found success, but my strategy right now is to employ an ADS (golf weights mainly), and heat, which I have not done in the past. I have read good things about both these techniques. I am especially interested in heat application.

Horny Bastard


Some new progress feedback would be helpful for a very very hard gainer.



Warm ups with a rice sock, finding a routine that worked for me, and yellow rubber gloves. Best $3 I’ve ever spent.


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