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Are there any lawyers here?


Originally Posted by ThunderSS
PM me if you don’t want to answer publicly.

I wonder, Have you tried doing a search on ‘lawyer’ Boss.
I just did and it came up with one site that did ‘Lawyers docs’ so something there might help. (If you haven’t done that already)


I am not a lawyer, but I pretend to be one on this forum. :-D

I have a good friend that is a lawyer. What type of lawyer do you need Thunder?

Maybe Thunder is hunting out all the lawyers and cancelling their membership here because if they don’t gain, they’ll sue Thunders for false advertisement or something :D

I know there are some good lawyers out there, but the ones I’ve been around have been nothing but liars. It seems like the best ones are the best liars.

Thunder is still dwelling on that Eagles hit, “Get Over It”. The more he thinks about it old Billy was right, let’s kill all the lawyers, and kill ‘em tonight! :D

Actually, I hear it is getting cold enough outside to where they’re keeping their hands in their own pockets. ;)

Hi Thunder,

It is none of our business why you need a lawyer, but I’m sure we are all concerned about the forum. I’m sure you would have already said more if you wanted to or could. Do you think we will get some more information on this as time passes if it has something to do with the forum? Any idea when?

Anyway, hope everything is cool.

So is ThunderSS really R. Kelly? j/k big guy

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
So is ThunderSS really R. Kelly? j/k big guy

Thunder is Bib, I thought this was old news. (:


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