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Are there any easier Girth exercises than Jelqing?


Are there any easier Girth exercises than Jelqing?

The only reason why I find jeqling complicated is the Erection maintenance issue. I know you must maintain around 40-70% of erection. I can’t do this, my penis gets really flaccid and I end up wasting my time, so I only stretch. I was thinknig about squeezes?

I think it’s called an Uli squeez? I forgot, but I think you need a full erection. This is easier for me to achieve because I watch porn, lol almost everyday and before I jerk off I could squeeze away.

You just grip your penis, and you squeeze it or something like that.

You should probably be posting this over in the newbie thread. Anyway, do a search for “orange bends” or “obends”. You only need a 10% erection for that exercise.

Monkeydude, I have the same problem. Jelqing is kind of like self stimulation. I simply cannot get or maintain an erection that way. I just stuck with it, kegling in as much blood as possible to keep as much of a “semi” as I could for a couple of months. I managed to gain a bit of girth that way. After enough “newbie” time to get acclimated to the stresses on the penis I moved on to clamping. That may be what you have to do too, but an erection is still needed for clamping. Somehow, for me getting the blood to go in and stay in is easier with clamping.

If you decide that’s the right course for you, read the clamping threads very carefully and learn all you can first. And DO NOT move on to it until you’ve got some months of PE experience first because of the risks involved. I actually evolved into clamping from cock ring use.

I found that uli’s and 440’s work good on me, but I really don’t don’t do them because they give me red spots really really bad. But the girth grows nicely.

Pumping and clamping work good too, and I don’t really get the spots (as bad) if I do it lightly. But it is definately the slower (safer) way to go.

But if you are a newbie, don’t do any for a few months. It will be as productive and dangerous as pounding your dick with a hammer, yes it will swell and look big but you won’t be doing it any good.

Pocopeepee was this your experience as a newbie — you overdid things and didn’t grow despite having all kinds of physical signs and sensations that indicated you would grow?

Start doing Ulis, horses and clamping. These exercises work great for girth and are fairly easy to perform.

Glad I heard people mentioning Uli’s as that was I had in mind. I’ll also check out the orange or obends.

Also could a mod perhaps move this thread to the newbie section then ?

Originally Posted by vkn1
Pocopeepee was this your experience as a newbie — you overdid things and didn’t grow despite having all kinds of physical signs and sensations that indicated you would grow?

No, not as a newbie. I learned about pe a long time ago. But it was only about jelqing. A couple years later, I heard about a combo called the ferrari trio. That’s when I noticed I got red spots.
Now since I found Thunders, I take it a little more easy on myself. But I still try to max out my performance within safe limits. But I still get red spots.
I’m just one of those people who get them easily.
But if you don’t get red spots easily, or it just doesn’t bother you, try the 440’s. ( Carefully )

I meant, have you had personal experience with going overboard/doing to much or too intense PE with the result being that instead of gaining more than you would have if you’d gone lighter, you actually didn’t improve much at all?

I was just asking about the gains part (rather than the red-spotting and stuff) of doing too much PE.

Horse bends really work for me.

My fourth-grade daughter uses words like 'penis' and 'vagina' without the slightest embarrassment, having learned them at school. This can be a problem at times. Frankly, I wish the school would exercise a little more discretion

Try a vacuum pump

Perseverance wins

Which exercise would you guys say gives you the best girth results?

Clamping. Its also easier than jelqing for me, but shouldnt be attempted until experianced.

I’m a big proponent of jelqing, so I’ll try to convice you to stick with it. Although, pumping, clamping, and the other manual exercises previously mentioned are also great girth exercises, but imagine doing those exercises in addition to jelqing.

This may sound kind of weird, but I’ve found that there are jelqing ‘sweet spots’ or what I call falling into a groove. The best way to describe it is figuring out your own jelq technique that provides a good workout. The size of your hands, your grip strength/endurance, your body size, your penis size, the angle you jelq from your body, the position of your hands in relation in to your penis, your erection levels all play a role. Yes, it does sound complicated, but once you figure it out it will feel VERY natural.

I can get a good internal stretch with erections levels anywhere between 10%-75%, it’s just that the stretch feels different depending on what erection strength my penis is feeling that moment; however they all produce results. Also, in one session, that level will continually change, so I change my technique as the erection level does.

It took me a few years(I’m a slow learner) to figure it out but the best advice I can give you is that don’t worry too much about having to stay at a specific erection level, instead focus on how to slightly adjust your technique to the erection level you can maintain in that particular session with the intent of getting a good internal stretch. Look up threads concerning jelq technique. And remember to relax into the sensation of jelqing. These things just come with experience.

It’s kind of like running. If you haven’t ran in a while, when you start again you’re out of breath pretty fast and your sides/legs ache and it’s hard to concentrate on running. But after a few weeks you start falling into a groove and you start looking forward to running because now you’ve found your rhythm.

Heh, it’s cheesey, but…become one with the jelq.

To me jelqing is KING. Nothing beats the good old dry jelqing technique ;) JELQ 4 LIFE :D

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