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Are our penises "stronger"?

Are our penises "stronger"?

Hey all,

I was thinking back to when I started PE’ing and how for my first session I did about 3 min. of stretching and 5 min of jelq and the next day my unit was bruised all over.

Hear I am a year later doing squeezes, horses, jelq, erect stretching, etc, etc for 60-75 minutes at a time and my penis just seems to say “bring it on”.

I know the penis is not a muscle that can be built up, so what’s the difference? Are the internal cell walls stronger? Is there a physical difference (besides a size increase)?

Are our penises “stronger” than guys who don’t PE?


They are definitely more resilient. Its a pretty natural reaction. If you play guitar or do manual work your hands grow callouses, if you put on weight your skin stretches in a plastic manner, if your muscles grow the veins supplying the muscles increase capacity. There are so many things the body does to compensate for the stresses it receives, this is just one of them I guess.

Hell yeah they are!!I had a zipper oncident the other day and it hurt like hell but after 2 days the scar from getting caught in my zipper was gone!!Pre pe that would have been there at least a week.

LOL great analogy with the zipper! You tell me if it gets stronger….first time I hung any kind of weight from my penis 5 damn pounds was HEAVY!! I eventually (although I quit hanging because I personally think the time invested vs. the return in the gains department is way askew) worked up to where I could hang in a reclined seating position with 17.5lbs for sets of 20 minutes. That would have killed me and or given me an instant sex change operation if I’d tried that the first time!


Before PE, my penis would have the density of a marshmallow. Anywhere you squeezed it, it would lose a lot of ground. Now I would swear it has the density of some good steel rebar. Squeeze it and hardly gives any ground at all.

Got to admit I like that side effect. Soon the only thing that will be able to weaken it will be kryptonite.

Muscle Analogy??

Well, I know that the penis is not a muscle like my bicep (even though is does contain some muscle tissue). But, I don’t know, guys?! This is pretty amazing stuff. I am only in my second month of “serious” PE’ing, and I cannot believe some of the changes already. I’m getting big veins that were not there (or at least weren’t noticeable) before. I started hanging a few weeks back and was feeling a little iffy with just a couple of pounds attached. Now I am already up to 4 Kg (8.8 lb.) and when I hang standing up and do a kegel I can feel (and even SEE) the weight being lifted. I cannot wait to see and feel the difference a year from now!!! ;)



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Actually I should have been more clear in my original post.

I know our penises are stronger. But what is the specific physical change. Muscles get bigger, and yes, you develop a callus from playing the guitar.

But what specifically has changed inside the penis. Are the cell walls thicker? Are the veins larger?

I have noticed that it is generally heavier. Also in general, flacid condition varies a great deal, but I seem to more good hangs and thickness than before I began PE. The veins do seem more prominant. I think this is a jelqing effect.


Bigger and stronger also more veins for increased blood flow, my dick gets so hard now that I can hammer nails with it or use it to open coconuts it fact it’s like a swiss army knife now………….well it is bigger and stronger!



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