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are gains permanent? or do i have to maintain

are gains permanent? or do i have to maintain

my gains. cus i really do not want to be doing this for the rest of my life.

Some light matinence never hurts. Some people need it, others don’t. I would take an educated guess and bet that once you realize that this shit works, you’ll never stop. You’ll be chasing the foot long dong.

What do you need size wise any how?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I think it would be difficult to lose anything significant, but I am sure there is a small mediation phase that a perm. size will surface. I plan on maintaining, but then again, I would be lost without PE.

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I was PEing for two months, then I took a pause as I injuried myself. Two weeks later I had lost my 0.8 inch gain. That made me stop PEing for some months unfortunately. So now I´ll try to start again…

Restarting everything.

I’ve been at this stuff for around 3 years now off and on …off and on…back on again. I’ve kept what I’ve gained (from 6x5” to my current 7.5x6”)….you keep it!!

nice to hear Stillwantmore22 =) Just what I´d liked to hear. And I went to the PE-database and the results I´ve seen there are encouraging me…. I´ll need my 0.8 inch back, my girl can’t cum now as she could some time ago…. PEing is great… It will turn a lot to the better … =)

Restarting everything.

Blaze and Cow

When you first get a gain it is not permanent until you cement it. And that means about 2 more weeks of work before the gains become permanent. Also your Dick is a use or lose it body part if you don’t use it it will start to get unhealthy and shrink a little. When I was 21 I had a 7 inch tool, when I was 37 I had a 6.25 inch tool. What happen, well when I was 21 I jerked off almost every day and had many sex partners, than I got married and had less sex and didn’t have the time or the privacy to spank the monkey as much. Now after 2.25 years of PE I have a healthy happy 8x6.5 dick. I hope this helps.



As Dino stated, gains must be cemented. At one time, I lost 1/2 inch that I had worked hard to gain. I had an injury and had to take a month off. Now, after 1 year of PE I am 8+ x 6 and still growing. However, I plan to do at least an 8 month maintenance period after I reach my goal of 9.5 x 6.5. Bigger (of Bib Hanger fame) did maintenance for 18 months!

I think that you will have to watch your unit and do what it takes to keep it big, fat and sassy.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Losing gains

As we get older and reach ‘senior citizen’ status, there ia a noticeable reduction in penis size…just ask the older guys. This is one of the reasons why older guys can see good gains fast - regained size. I have been off PE for about five months now and I have seen no loss - I would say it would take a lot longer to see a loss once those gains were cemented.

As far as maintanence is concerned (and maybe a reason for no loss- what the hell do I know?) it takes absolutely no effort and less than a minute to do a few light jelqs and pump up your penis every morning in the shower.

Or maybe you want to jelq once a week. Or once a month. Trust me, you’ll get to a stage where the obsession is no longer there, and you may do PE just because it is ‘healthy’ for the ol’ fella.


Lost nothing after 6 weeks!

Well, I’ve just got of my 6 week break with some DLD Blasters on the toilet! :D
Have lost nothing after 5 months of PE prior to that. :) (I have posted here at Thunders before that I was doing it for 6 months but I counted up the time and it turned out to be 5). :homer:

I’ll see how the Blasters go.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

These were some great posts! :-) Just what I liked to read. I am starting at my new routine… 10 min jelq + 30 min “good mix of stretches”… I will keep that routine one month and then I´ll remeassure… Trying to gain lenght firstly.. Those 0.8 inches =)

Happy PEing to all

Restarting everything.

Dealing with lost gains...

I had to cut back on my PE routine for the last three months or so, because of new job responsibilities. So I stopped PEing for about 3 months. I measured my girth about two weeks ago- to my dismay saw that I lost my 1/2” of girth gains! -Going from 5 1/2 to my original 5” in girth.

I thought I could get the gains back quickly, but now after two weeks of PE exercise I’m not getting it back, or if it is coming back its coming back SLOW.. My penis feels more rigid, as if its healed up and is harder to expand.

What can I do about this? Has anyone experienced it? Am I just starting from square one? or even worse, will it be harder to get my gains back?

Not good times,

"If you build it, she will cum." --Growth of Dreams

Seems like the same kind of shit I am dealing with… Hopefully we´ll get our inches back quickly… It seems to go slower this time, same here… hmm =(

Restarting everything.

permanent lengths?

Dino & Guiri are correct.

I lost inches from my youth. My head was fully above my button,

and I looked for similiarities in the cucumber section instead of

feeling inadequate. But weight gain and cholesteral took its toll.

I started PE on my own maybe 10 years ago. It’s taken “forever”, on and off, mainly on. I’m getting close to where I was when I was 24, but I think I could easily collect Social Security first.

I am thicker than my youth, but the thickness is the first size to

retreat when iI take a PE breather.

All in all, I don’t think I’d loose more than 1/2 inch in length if I stop now, but I don’t want to stop—just in case

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