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Applying heat while stretching?

Applying heat while stretching?

Will keeping my rice sock close help the stretching routines? Just like the Hairdryer thread suggested, constant heat could make the ligs more “elastic”. Also, my penis has usually cooled off when i come to the jelqing part which doesn’t feel good.

Any suggestions? Naturally, too long heating sessions would cook your penis.


>Will keeping my rice sock close help the stretching routines?<

Yes, but use heat for only the first half of the session, to allow the tissues to cool while being stretched. As we all know, as a dick gets cooler it gets shorter (shrinkage), but of course this can’t happen if you’re stretching.


I did an experiment with cold water. Got really cold water from the faucet, maybe 5 degrees celsius. Slapped my penis into it. Mine didn`t actually get shorter, but it did get thinner, since the the blood in the skin layer left. The funny thing though, was that I got a stiffy while in the cold water, didn`t even have any ‘hot’ thoughts hehe.

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