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Appearance flaccid penis

Appearance flaccid penis

I already mentioned in my first post on the Newbie Forum that I ‘m new here, but already in week 7 of my PE experiment. In the first two weeks I only knew some basic Jelq- and stretch exercises, further on I discovered more advanced techniques.

My workout is mainly focussed on gaining length, so I do only 8 min Jelq and over 20 min stretch exercises daily.
The unexpected gains really surprised me, starting with an EL of 15 cm; I am now at 17.5 cm. So that’s 2.5 cm or nearly 1 inch in just 7 weeks.

A strange side effect is the appearance of my flaccid penis, it looks a little ballooned. He is longer, that’s a fact, but the balloon effect bathers me. Is this normal and is it permanent or will it fade away after a certain recovery time?
Has anyone experienced this or are there exercises to avoid this?

Greetings from Holland,

Hey Yves,

Do you think the ballooned look comes from a swelling? If yes, is the swelling close to the glans and/or at the foreskin? Then it won’t be permanent; do a search for dough nut effect.

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Can you describe the ballooneffect? Is it local or over your entire shaft?

2,5 cm in 7 weken is niet mis!

Kaesköpp’ unter sich :D

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Explanation Balloon effect!

Of course my penis isn’t exactly a balloon, but it looks more fatty or meaty. This effect is over the total length and not as the described doughnut effect.
And let’s be clear, it is not painful it just looks out of proportion (flaccid girth = 11 cm, 4.33 in).
Maybe I have to do still more stretching to get it in the good proportions again?

Thank you already!

Jelqing also helps increasing girth. Especially after jelqing your flaccid penis will look fatter, it’s a sign you did a good jelq workout and your girth might be increasing.

If you are only interested in gaining length at the moment spend more time stretching instead of jelqing or jelq at a lower erection level. The higher the erection level you’re jelqing at the more you’re increasing girth.

In time you will get accustomed to the proportions of your new dick ;)


That effect is temporary, and probably normal for people actively doing PE. I remember things like that when I first did PE, but now it looks normal if I take two days off.


Thank you all Guys,

I’m very glad with your comments, now I can go on without the fear of creating an airbag in my pants. I will take a break for 2 days a check the effect afterwards. I appreciate your help very much and hope that I can ask you to share you knowledge with me next time again.

Thanks Yves

Like L Born said, it sounds like fluid buildup . Using a hot wrap on it every once in a while helps a lot.

Did you not want the thicker look? I am trying to gain girth as well as length not only in the erect state but also flaccid. I would welcome a thick look.

Still not sure what you mean by balloon look, but mine does look thicker with regular jelqing.

Either way, hope you get the look you want.

For sure I want a thicker look, but the ratio length / girth have to stay within normal proportion.

I followed the advices in the posts before this one and the fatty look has disappeared quite fast. So I think it was something like fluid build-up.

Thank you for your comment.

Originally posted by goingforit
Did you not want the thicker look? I am trying to gain girth as well as length not only in the erect state but also flaccid. I would welcome a thick look.

If the thickness Yves is describing is in fact fluid build up, it is actually counter-productive to girth gains. The reason being, the fluid build up applies inward pressure to counteract the outward pressure of the tunica that comes from girth exercises (jelqing, squeezes, etc.).

This is explained much better in some of the threads from a couple of years ago. I believe it was a thread that Bib and Dance started. A search should pull this up.

Thank you BattleHymn, I’ve found the thread of Bib and Dance. After reading I’m sure it’s no fluid build-up, because I never done such intense exercises and no hanging.
Maybe I’m not used to the new dimensions of my penis.
As Piet already mentioned; it’s due to the good performed workout.
I’ll keep a close look on it; if I see something unexpected I will update you again.

Thanks Yves

Please take a look!

Guys, just to be sure nothing is wrong and to clarify the discussion, I posted a picture in the Members Pics Area.
Just after my workout I was concerned about the appearance, but now it seems normal.
It’s after two days relatively rest, so take a look at it and reassure me if you think / know it is okay.

Thanks Yves

Appearance flaccid penis.

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