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anyone using or heard of the circle device

anyone using or heard of the circle device

has anyone used the circle cevice with any results or think it may cement hanging gains?

I have heard of it before, but I believe it is very expensive if I remember correctly. I see people instead go cheaper and use golf weights or baseball bat swinging weights instead. They get these substitutions for a tiny fraction of the price at most sporting goods or general chain stores.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I use it along with other weights after I’m done hanging for the day, to heal the lig tears(hopefully) in a stretched state. I don’t think it would work as it’s advertised; too light.

Here are two old threads about it:
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You can find old threads by using the search button (top right of every page). I found these by entering “circle device” in the keyword text box on the search page. There are other old threads that might be of interest. Try the search on your own to see them.

The circle device is a joke… i have it, tried wearing it once… minmal weight, bulky, basically an oversized fishing weight…

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