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Anyone uncut use an ADS for many hours a day

Anyone uncut use an ADS for many hours a day

I’m uncut and can’t seem to find any ADSes that really work for uncut guys. I’m talking ADSes that you can really wear for extended periods of time. Have any uncut guys here been able to find something that’s not a huge pain to put on and take off and that you can leave on for hours without problems? The vacuum devices I’ve tried all give me donut within 30 minutes that then I have to take couple hours break to let go down etc. The traction devices I’ve tried all have nothing to grip since we have foreskin and anything gripping just slides past glans.

Does not being circumcised basically mean not being able to use ADS?

I am uncut and use an ADS. It is, however, a noose-style ADS, which many people are against. I withdraw the foreskin and attach the noose just below the glans. If you are interested in more details, PM me and I’ll be happy to inform. :)

I don’t want to advertise for those schmucks (I have a problem with penis extender companies).

:monty: Don\'t forget your KEGELS! :monty:


I too am uncut and have never had a problem with wearing an ADS both extender and Vac. Well the extender really hurt until I found a way to make it comfortable but I never had a problem keeping it on as long as I pulled my skin back before attaching it. There was that one time it came apart and fell down my pant leg but that had nothing to do with being uncut.
I stopped using is though because I felt it was more of an encumbrance than a help.

I also use the Vac ADS from Autoextender which is super easy and comfortable especially with the supplied constriction sleeve. Though again comfort aside I found wearing a ADS during my normal day was more a pain than anything else. So I mainly use it for light hanging these days.

What sort of vacuum ADS do you have?

Have you tried the wrapping technique for ADS that I’ve seen in the video section? I haven’t tried personally so I don’t know how it works with being uncut.

Wish I could be of more help but I think you can do ADS being uncut. Maybe you just haven’t found what works for you the best yet?

I’m uncut and I use the VacExtender, too.

I get some fluid buildup, but I still have to try the constriction sleeve. Anyway, no ‘donut effect’.

I am also uncut and using an ADS extender noose style. I dont have any problems apart from pain just below my glans. I am getting used to this pain, or the pain dissapears. Now before putting it on i do this: I apply some betadine below my glans, then i put one demake up round cotton pad. On top of that i put a piece of bath sponge. Then the silicone noose.

I’m uncut and I’m using the static stretcher.




I’m uncut and use the german Penimaster device (, it is excellent and is the only all day stretcher device where the strap does not slip out of the holder after prolonged use, because they have a patented lock thingy that the strap clips into. Just pull the 4-skin back and wrap some first aid gauze around it a few times and away you go. They give you some silicon wrapping to put around your knob but it isn’t worth a shit I threw it straight into the bin. I wear mine (facing upwards) in sessions of about 2 hours. No real discomfort at all.

Quiggs123, wow, that stretcher is great, having the clips to keep the strap in. And also the quick release on the bars.

I am uncut.I have a normal stretcher, what I do is just wrap a piece of the gauss that came with it around just below my glans with my foreskin pulled back. Then put the stretcher on making sure the foreskin is held back and doesn’t bunch up. Then I put the stretcher on, jelqing a bit so there is blood in the glans. Pull the strap tight and then put a piece of Velcro around the strap to hold it in place. It doesn’t slip at all.

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