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Anyone TRULY actually gain from jelqing

I am going to post my results, next saturday (9/26), the next time I measure.

I have had some success in difference ways of PE, but nothing massive in anything. I will share all my results within the next few weeks, and what works best for me.

I am hoping, which I already gained, after 2 weeks, that my routine this go around will actually produce something. I put as much time and consistency into PE as anyone, but I think the PROPER routine and PROPER techinque will produce results. I have reasearched everywhere, for what I am doing right now, and the results I have come across for others for the routine I’m doing, I’m HOPING similar results occur for me, as long as my techinique for my routine, is correct.

May 2004 (6.25 NBP X 4.80 G)
May 2005 (6.50 NBP X 5.00 G)
May 2006 (7.00 NBP X 5.20 G)

Started new routine Aug 30—-Sept 12 (7.15 NBP X 5.25 G)

Bad news for my dumbass.I have been incorrectly measuring NBPEL since the day I started PE. So all my lengths are 1/4 inch shorter than I have recorded.

Good news for my dumbass, I think this routine, is still working after 3 weeks.

Next time I post, hopefully I’ll be able to start making new threads/ I havent been on thundersplace for awhile, so I can’t make threads.if I can, I’ll start a brand new thread, with me history on PE, results- and current routine and results.

I’ll hopeufully have this done, by next sunday- my next measurement.hopefully I will have gained

How comes your incorrect measuring of NBPEL has resulted in ALL measurements being 1/4 inch shorter?

Surely only the NBPEL measurement should be incorrect??

Don’t get too down about it, incorrect measurements are something everybody has to suffer within the big bad world of PE.

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

Does jelqing without any erection do anything at all?

Sounds like masturbation minus the erection. Get some blood in there to get some leverage for the jelq strokes, you’ll need some blood to work with and expand the penis with as you’re jelqing. It doesn’t have to be very much, maybe at least 5-10% would work. For me there’s a sweet spot somewhere around 25% erection, it’s still soft and flexible but with enough blood to get some good leverage going on the strokes.

Originally Posted by enitra
Does jelqing without any erection do anything at all?

It’s the most effective form of jelqing by a long way.

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

.88 inches in 2 months

Here’s how I gained almost an inch in just over 2 months:

My original plan was to begin a stretching program and “warm up” for a month before I would buy a BIB and start hanging. However, I stumbled on a routine that has yielded incredible results and thus never did any hanging. The routine was similar to one I did back in high school and had found success with, but this time I added an ADS. The stretch/jelq routine that I did yielded good results in high school too, but back then it was difficult to determine how much was from enlargement techniques and much was from natural growth. Anyway here’s the routine:

1. For the first 2 weeks, I just did stretches and a modified form of jelqing. I began by doing a hot wrap for 2 minutes and then doing 9 manual stretches - one to the left, one down the middle, and one to the right for one minute each (9 min total). I then performed the modified jelqing for 20 minutes. It’s the technique where you hold one hand at the base fairly tightly and use the other hand to “milk”.

2. After the first 2 weeks, I started using a silicone All Day Stretcher for approximately 5 hrs/day. I ditched the hot wrap and stretches at this point and just did the ADS during the day and 20 minutes of modified jelqing at night (about an hour before bedtime). I continue to perform this routine now and won’t stop until my gains start decreasing.

The results have been pretty steady thus far. I grew about .44 inches each month. The growth actually seemed to accelerate the first 2 weeks of the 2nd month, but has since slowed down. I’m well aware that my results are atypical and thus I’m not sure this will work for everyone. I currently have a friend who just began the program so I’ll have his update in a few weeks. I will also post again after the 3rd month. Feel free to ask me any questions. On a side note, measurements were taken over a day 2 period, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night (6 measurements total). I took the average of these to get my final measurement. Good luck to everyone out there.

Age - 24
BPEL - 7.125”
NBPEL - 6.50”
Starting BPEL - 6.25”

Congratulations on your excellent gains bigrattleasnake! I’ll be watching your progress reports with interest. Out of interest, did you use Monkeybar’s Auto ADS?

Welcome back Tiger.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks irishjim. I used the DB2 silicone (found it on ebay) as my ADS. I also modified it a bit by putting a plastic hairspray cap inside it to protect the head.

Always use to be a sceptic, but I remember once when I was about 20 I found out about it and got addicted to jelqing. I also bought some blue “enlargement” pill that I started taking and for a month got into serious PE. Then one day I was hanging with an old friend who I hadnt seen in a while and we started messing around. I remember being mid blow job when he looked up at me and said “whatever your doing to make your dick bigger don’t stop”. Sure left a smile on my face seeing how my month of work didnt go unnoticed. It made me a believer and I am currently contemplating a long overdue PE comeback tour

Good to see some jelqing only gain stories.

I’ve decided that now I’m just going with jelqing, nothing else. Stretching is awkward for me (can’t get a good grip and can’t stay flaccid) and also seems to ruin my EQ. I’m definitely not going to try anything extreme like clamping ULIs, etc; for me the risk is too big of injuring my penis. The verdict is still out on pumping and hanging. For now it will be just jelqs.

I hope I can gain an inch in both girth and length from jelqing alone and I’ll be happy. I’m going to focus on perfect form, slow steady jelqs, 30 min a day, 2 days off. I’ll update in this thread later.

Originally Posted by the tiger
Seriously. Has anyone out there truly!! Gained from jelqing?? I know there’s stories of “this person I know” who gained inches, but has anyone out there personally gained length from jelqing come forth?

I just tried hanging again and I get so freakin sore it pisses me off, I’d rather go back to jelqing if there’s someone who has gained-and can explain their routine.

How often?
How long?
What does fatigue feel like-for jelqing?
Do you try to keep your fatigue as long as possible-fatigue =gains?


I did. I gained a half inch jelqing 5 to 6 times a day for 20 minutes with a warm shower and warm wrap to start. I was a little sore on a few occasions but never much more than a few hours of sex. It took 2 years to gain that half inch. Some of my gains could have been due to weight loss.

I have never gained from jelqs.

I did however get far better EQ when I was jelqing on a regular basis.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"


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