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Anyone TRULY actually gain from jelqing

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
You can say that again!

Congrats tamegomaith. :up:

RTG I find that I started to get my best workouts at about 80% erect. I know my gains are due to dry jelqs because that is about the only exercise I have done over the past two years. However the gains are getting harder to come by know. So I am looking into adding various stretches into my routine. About a month ago I started doing Uli’s for girth, but unfortunatly I recieved my first nagging injury in my PE career. So for the time being I am taking some time off to recover…..Than I’ll be back with a vengence. :)

I’ve gained 1/2” in length and 1/2” in girth. I can definitely feel the difference.
I have looser skin now with an erection and my CC is more pronounced.

My routine has been: warm up 5 min. in a cup of hot water,
jelq 15 to 40 minutes at 50 to 80% erection. The first few months I did 15-20 minutes of jelqs every other day and I haven’t been very consistent.
Now, I jelq just about every week day and have started doing stretches.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Better to come back with intelligence. ;)

LOL… I hear you boss.

IMO, whether jelqing gives you more length or more girth depends on the firmness of your penis during the exercise and the relative thickness of the inner and outer layers of your tunica.

Erection level is obviously important because, without much of an erection, you simply can’t stress your shaft girthwise and the jelqing exercise devolves into a repetitive stretch.

With a very firm erection, jelqing applies stress both lengthwise and girthwise because the squeezing action increases the pressure within your CCs. Since pressure is the same in all directions, jelqing works both length and girth.

Mbuc posted a thread some time back showing that girthwise stress is actually twice as great as lengthwise stress for a thin walled tube (like the penis) under uniform pressure. Thus, jelqing (or squeezing) stresses your girth about twice as much as your length.

How your tunica responds, however, depends on its composition. If the inner (circumferential) and outer (longitudinal) layers have the same thickness and the same density of collagen fibers, jelqing will naturally be more effective for girth than for length (since the girthwise stress is twice the lengthwise stress). However, if either layer is thicker and/or denser than the other, all bets are off. Someone with a very thick and/or dense inner layer and a thin and/or sparse outer layer may quickly gain length through jelqing. It all depends on how your tunica is put together.

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Damn, quite a debate so far

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Wong? The possible jokes are endless :D

I don’t get it!?

I have gained from Jelging, but I also stretch, so my length may have come from there. I think that a combo of the two has given me the gains that I have seen.

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I’ve never been able to understand how exactly people jelq with a high erection level.

I can’t squeeze that sucker in AT ALL when it’s in the upper percentile of erection quality. Would someone please enlighten me?



Zigg, it’s probably as simple as a different construal of erectile “percentages.” If your dick is so hard you can’t squeeze it effectively, it’s probably what most guys call “95-100% erect,” i.e., un-jelqable.

I’m always jelqing at 65~80% erection level!!
In my previous post I was refering to what PE technique I was using.
That’s 95% dry/wet jelqing and remaining 5% I’m using horses.

Never jelq at more than 85~90 % erection level it’s dangerous especially for newbies, but even for advance uses it’s not so good.. IMHO

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