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Anyone still using the jelq device/powerjelq?

Anyone still using the jelq device/powerjelq?

This seemed like a popular PE tool a while back judging by the search I did to research the jelq device, but I notice that no-one mentions it anymore on here. Does this mean that users gave up as they were no longer seeing results? Were there any injury issues? It does look like quite an intense exercise.

I’m off PE at the moment with an injury, but was thinking I might get myself one eventually to give it a try.

Ive got a homemade power jelqer and it works pretty good. Ive never used it by itself so I wouldnt know if it alone would produce results but you get a good workout with it.

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I never thought about any jelq device since I’m good with my two hands ;)

Injury issues? Well, I think it really depends on how you jelq though. Besides, jelqing with our hands, we can feel better the pressure, which might not be the case for jelqing with the jelq device.

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I PJed early on in my PE days, but I guess I left it behind when I discovered clamping. Handy tool to have in my opinion, even though it often gets a bad rap from some quarters.

I could always get a more concentrated jelq from the PJ than with my hands - but maybe that’s just me.

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I use the jelq device and really like it. You have to be careful getting used to it because it’s easy to overdo it. The first few times I thought you were supposed to squeeze those handles as hard so you would squeeze your cock in a manual jelq. Boy was I wrong. But no injuries and I’ve gotten used to it now, and know how to control the pressure and keep it even.

I was planning to get one until I practised jelqing using my hands. I think the hand contact helps with timing the kegels, assessing the degree of pump and blood flow etc.

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