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Anyone seen Monkeybar ?


Well I have the same problem. I sent him an emal 2 days ago and no response.

Please let me know if you find him. I really need to buy buy some stuff from him. He should be really busy. I hope he is ok.

So isn’t the redesigned 5th generation clamp-based extender going to be released?

Doubt it will be released anytime soon, it might not even be released at all from what I understood.

Monkeybar always seems to come through but he has a few zone outs once in a while, don’t forget your dealing with a guy who has a whole life outside making PE stuff you know a job and a family and sometimes life throws a curve and you need to take care of some important issues. So lets give him some time and than if he don’t show we can than gather a lynching mob and light out torches and proceed to hang him but till than lets just expect like always the Monk will come through.

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