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Anyone noticed new veins

Anyone noticed new veins

I noticed one of my big veins looks like it’s sprouted off into a new huge vein.. It’s a bit weird.. Is this even possible?

Yeah that’s definitley an indicator that you’re doing something right. New veins are common, I noticed mine about a week into PE. Anyways, keep up the good work! :thumbs:

Yes! It sounds like you are on the right track my veins are a lot bigger because of pe and I think it helps get the wife off faster I think more veins make more pleasure for you both. That is how it is in my case anyway!

New veins are great! Your doing great work!

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I noted only yesterday that my penis was incredibly vein-y compared to it’s pre-PE state. I have only been doing the newbie routine for nearly 3 weeks and it is noticeable even when in flaccid that there are more noticeable veins. When erect it looks like it’s angry because the veins bulge out that much. I did a search last night on this phenomena and the general opinion is that it is a good indicator of penis health and most likely associated with growth of the ability to grow.

Yes, I have many new veins - some small and some pretty big. My unit was quite veiny before so now that it’s got even more veins and the older veins are bigger, it looks sort of scary at times. When I put on a cock-ring, my unit looks like it’s ready to pop. I haven’t experienced any pain though - not while jelqing, stretching or anything.

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yea, i’ve experienced new veins too. I like them alot.

I have 3 big veins but only visible when I’m dry jelqing

Originally Posted by W742

Yeah that’s definitively an indicator that you’re doing something right. New veins are common, I noticed mine about a week into PE. Anyways, keep up the good work! :Thumbs:

I’m about a week in PE and I noticed new veins while flaccid and happy. Just gotta stick with it!

I’ve also noticed “new veins” after 3 weeks of PE, along with the fast gains. I think veins just get bigger, in order to supply enough blood for the healing process, so they just become more pronounced and visible. The veins that were visible before PE, now began to get curly, I guess they got stretched.

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