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Anyone here used "subliminal messages"?


I dont (you) know if (are) they work (getting) or not (sleepy). Let me know after you wake up.

Do a search on the “Mommy and I are one.” subliminal. It’s quite interesting…

The person who came up with the idea.
Sold more popcorn in a theater using subliminal messages.

When challenged to repeat the feat, he was unable to do so.

May be bogus.


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All I know about the subject is from watching Kevin Nealon’s Subliminal Man character on Saturday Night Live a few years back.

When I was a kid (8th grade) I bought a tape that was supposed to make girls horny for whoever played it, but it said it would NOT work for any girls under eighteen (didnt want pedophiles using it I guess)… so it wouldn’t work on any girls my age. Shitty versions of every breath you take etc. in an elevator music way.

I never really know if it worked or not…

I’d be curious to know too if anyone really had results with that stuff.

No it does not. I know what ur talking about, the online hypnosis thing. No it does not work.

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Read the book “Subliminal Seduction”, you wouldn’t believe the things they put in advertising.

cead mile failte :lep:

Hey Thunder,

“URRRRRRRR!!!” ??? lol

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I think that it is more of a moving picture thing; as it uses single images in the 25 frames per second or whatever, that are transmitted. The eye reads it but it is so quick that perception doesn’t take place but the brain is timulated and receives the message. so one frame in the 25 is a subliminal picture. These can build up into some sort of image and visual message.

The process is banned in the UK, since the 1960’s Although with internet sites I suppose it could be used. However there is always the possibility that the particular images used, which have to be brighter than the other images to make them stand out and be noticed, can also cause seizures etc. to those who are susceptable

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visual subliminal messages do work which is why there are laws restricting some of the ways they are or can be used. Visual subliminal messages are used quite frequently in both still and motion pictures.

My opinion is that subliminal sound messages also work in general. How effective? hmm, I think that would depend on the person listening, just like effectiveness of visual depends on the audience.

If you are asking specifically about PE subliminal messages and how effective, theoretically it should do something. I have a copy of the free soundtrack that is suppose to help you get thicker. I listened to it for a week or two but did not stick with it.

I would also like to know if they work in the PE arena.

I have had experience with hypnosis and PE. Several years ago I purchased a self hypsosis soundtrack for growing the penis and general better penis health; stronger erections and all. I diligently listened to it for a few weeks and during the last week that I was listening to it I was daily having morning wood, during the day I hung heavier, and was just in general loving the feel. I am not sure if I actually had permanent growth from it, but I also believe that I needed to listen to it for another several months, just as any form of PE. I wasnt very diligent in taking measurements, it was my first form of PE that I started and it was a very positive one. The only reason that I stopped is because I had a job change that changed my daily schedule and I no longer made the time to listen. I still have the tapes and I know you can get these kind of soundtracks today. I have not gone back to using that as my form of PE partially because it is easier for me to jelq adn ADS right now than it is to find a quiet spot for 30 min a day.


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