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Anyone here ONLY jelqed and gotten length?


Anyone here ONLY jelqed and gotten length?

If so, what type of length gains? How frequently did you jelq? How erect? Details, details. I’m considering adding jelqing back to my routine.

All my length gains came from jelqing at 70% except for the last year. In fact they only stopped when I switched to full erect jelqing

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When I started PE I did only jelqing(wet). 60%-80% erection, 30min., 6 times per week. Did it this way for a long time and definitely gained length, let’s say half an inch in 8 months. (Never measured my starting stats).

Good gains,


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I gained About 0.5-0.75” length from jelqing(dry)

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Originally posted by Dino9X7
All my length gains came from jelqing at 70% except for the last year. In fact they only stopped when I switched to full erect jelqing

Dino, did you keep track of your jelqing gains with measurements? So, now youre doing fully erect jelqing?

When I first did PE, I gained 1/2” in about a month doing nothing but wet and dry jelqing. I plateaued after that and stopped PE completely a few months later. A year later I hadn’t lost any of the gains, and started PE again, but without jelqing.


Right now I’m only hanging with a little jelqing for health, soon I will switch to an all girth routine with erect jelqing and squeezes. As far as I know I never got any length gains from erect jelqing if I did it was minor. I got the most gains when I used to use Vaseline like DLD at 70% it seems to give the most drag but I hated the mess and switched to a cheap vitamin e oil that’s very thin and easy to clean. I suppose dry jelqing would be good also but I can’t stay hard without lube for very long. I have often thought about going back to basic routines let me know how it works out for you.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ve only been basically jelqing for over a year. I only this week found Thundersplace and didn’t know so much analysis on variation of jelqing and other PE was being done. Mostly been just using lubricant and holding it straight out when jelqing. I’ve been reading and learning here and now have begun to pull it downward some and upward some while jelqing. I had intensified the last couple of months(grip pressure and length of time-from about 10 mins every other day to about 15 or more minutes most days a week) and I have done what you guys are calling BTC at times but not often. BTC was just something I had thought of trying, I didn’t know it had a following and a name.

I was 6 1/4 L x 4 1/2 G erect and 3 3/4 hang length soft. I’m now almost 7 1/4 L x 5 G erect and about 4 3/4 hang length soft.

So I’ve gained almost 1 inch in length (both hard and soft) and almost 1/2 inch in thickness (I’m thickest at my base) just from basic jelqing with some BTC thrown in at times. I still don’t fully understand about figuring out LOT and what to do with that.I’m going to read on it here more on that—-is it just for hanging or is it also for jelqing?

I realise I didn’t say how erect I am during jelqing. I tend to be anything from just 20% erect on some days to about 80% on some days. Maybe 40% most of the time. This isn’t the supplement section but I’ll mention (just in case there could somehow be a connection) that I take fish oil capsules and have for years just because I had read it’s healthy. I also take other supplements but fish oil is the only one that I wonder if it could somehow assist because it keeps arteirs lubricated and soft. Just a guess that’s all—I’ve thought abut mentioning this in the supplement department but I do have real doubts as to if fish oil really helps or not. I have just added L-Arginine to my supplements after reading here at Thunderplace that some guys are using it and then searching the internet a bit and seeing that L-Arginine makes the blood vessels more elastic and causes growth hormone release. I guess I’m getting off topic but it’s all possibly connected in my eyes.

Isn’t erect jelqing really dangerous? I mean, it seems that way to me, but I guess some of the girth exercises can be even more so.

Oh, and I’ve gained .75” by just jelqing, and it took about 2 months. Beginner’s gains though.


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It can be for newbies, but it’s pretty safe for conditioned dicks there will always be risk associated with PE erect jelqing is a low one now with bends and squeezes the chance of injury goes way up.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I think I read somewhere saying that the lower the erection level the better for length gains. And jelqing with a high erection level is more focused on girth.

Been reading at Thunder’s Place some more and it seems my earlier posts of saying it was the BTC I’ve been doing was wrong call on my part. I’ve been doing what is called the Fowfer as it turns out. I had it mixed up with BTC. Also, been thinking about it and 40% erection most of the time during jelqing might be a bit high of an estimation—30% is probably closer to accurate to what I tend to be. But of course it varies.

I went from 6.25 bpel to 7 bpel in 6 months jelquing only.

Now I am only doing stretches. I am concentrating on gaining length. Stretches are much more efficient for me in this regard. I have gained another .75 in the last 3 months from stretches.

As far as jelquing goes, I used about 50% erection initally. I later figured out that I needed more since I was gaining length and almost no girth. After 4-5 months I started using 70-80% erection. Before I went on my break from PE for a couple of months I was 7.25 bpel x 5.5 eg. After my break I was back to 7. Right now I stand at 7.75 bpel x 5.25eg.

I will start jelquing again, since I need some girth badly now. I want to get to 8 first though :) I think I should be there by new years.

I have dry jelqued, through out my 2 years of PE and gained over 1.5” in the first year. I am trying to get more length with DLD bundles plus manual stretches, but mainly focusing on girth at mid shaft with Horse squeezes, after developing a very defined baseball but with the glan at 6” and mid shaft at 5.6”

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