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Anyone heard of the Blakoe Ring,and does it work?

Anyone heard of the Blakoe Ring,and does it work?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone heard of the Blakoe Ring,has anyone got one and does it do what it says?


" I want Drilla's." she said. " So I will grow one just like it for you, my dear." I said!

I wouldn’t pay 130 for a plastic ring with a piece of copper and zinc in it. Hell, just wrap a Homedics wrist wrap around your dick with magnets in it. I bet nobody could tell you that the “electrical field” produced by the copper and zinc would do anything more than the magnetic field in the Homedics thing. Probably, neither one does very much.

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Search for Tom Hubbards version.

Here you go:

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Hey Gonabbiger,

I got one several months back. Definitely gives you a bigger flaccid and better wood. As far as anything else, well that’s debatable

Yeah if I had to do it over I would have made one. I did however insert some small neodymium magnets around the circumference of mine which seems to create better circulation. What ever you do be careful about going out in public. If that sucker falls off you’ll have some explaining to do! LOL! It comes apart in two pieces and you clamp it around your package. That happened to me!! But I think I picked it up before anyone noticed.

Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons
Not sure how a magnetic field will do anything.

It attracts Iron, Cobalt and Nickel, period.

There’s no “magnetic miracle” in these things.

My understanding about the magnetic wraps, shoe inserts etc. is, they can’t hurt, but the magnetic field is not really strong enough to do anything. However, if you THINK they help, then they do.

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Cheers Westla,do you know I completely forgot to use the search button.

" I want Drilla's." she said. " So I will grow one just like it for you, my dear." I said!

Really! :noreally:

Now you have some reading to do.

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