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Anyone have there friend pierced?

Anyone have there friend pierced?

Sometime next year I plan on getting my manhood pierced. I want to get the skin that connects the foreskin to the head pierced with a little barbell, nothing fancy or crazy like a hoop or hanging things. I saw some pictures of a guy that had his head peirced, yeah, I’m not that crazy. Anywho the question I have is, if any guys have this done does it interfere with your PE? Also if nobody has it pierced has it ever crossed your mind and do you think it would interfere with pe?

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To each their own, but I think it interferes with normal brain activity.


My deep cockhead piercing doesn’t interfere with my stretching, jelqing, wearing Monty’s PE Weights or pumping. I have pics in the member pics section. There are a few other guys with deep piercings here too. You just have to let it heal first (whatever length of time your piercer recommends, usually a few weeks for a frenulum piercing.)

When you start PEing again, just keep an eye on the piercing site to see if it gets irritated or anything. You can gauge how intense your workouts will be from there. Good luck.

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