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Anyone have good experience with this stack of routine?

Anyone have good experience with this stack of routine?

Wouldn’t exactly call it a “routine” in a sense but this is what I was thinking.

Session Workout

Pump 3 x 10 minutes with Jelg in between

Afterwards Penimaster for about 3 hours with 5 minutes breaks in between every hour.

What you guys think?

Go Celtics!

I’d suggest warming up and stretching before entering the pump or doing some jelqing.

The pump sessions itself look good, if you worked up to that, because you wouldn’t want to start off with a heavy load like that.

The Penismaster is iffy. A lot of people who pump don’t like stretching after pumping, because it tends to make them lose their pump affect. Whether or not this has an affect on gains is beyond me. Maybe you should Penismaster before pumping and solve all your problems at once. :D

thanks for the advice XL! I have been working up to 3 x 10 set. Its nice and very easy to overdo. However, I have been reading lots of threads and claims by people that talk about gains they have while using the penimaster. The thought behind this is that by putting my little man through an ADS session, It stretches out the tissue after a serious expansion exercise and might illicit growth and cementation of the stretch..

I am by no means an expert. Just taking a stab at it.

Go Celtics!

I do Penismaster before and after. I was just telling you how most guys on the board feel about it. The only way you’ll know for sure is through experimentation.

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