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Anyone get irritation/burning after horses?

Anyone get irritation/burning after horses?

Or any hard girth workout for that matter. Before bed at night I’ve been trying the following routine a couple of times a week mixed in between a good deal of stretching. I do about 20 minutes of jelqing, the first 15 mintes being at about 50% erection level and the last 5 minutes being near 100% erection level. Immediately after those 20 minutes I do about 15 1-minute long horse440 squeezes, with about 30-45 seconds of light jelquing between each (a little over 20 minutes) and that’s it. All in all it totals about 45 minutes. Afterwards I feel really worked but my unit is always very itchy! I usually toss and turn in bed for a good hour before being able to fall asleep because of this. I COULD (and have) masterbated to lose my pump which gets rid of this sensation, but I do not like to as I feel it takes away from the workout rather substantially. It’s something I can live with if the girth gains keep coming, but I wanted to hear from others about this. Does anyone else get itchy/irritated from hard girth workouts? Are their any ways to reduce it? Also, what do you guys think of that workout in general? Sound good? Improvements? Thanks!

That’s seems a very intense workout.

Do you take your time to cool down (hot wrap, massage)?

The itching is most likely from skin stretching. When you (and I) do intense girth work the skin gets stretched…sometimes “hyper stretched” and the skin can even split and get very dry and sometimes scaley/cracked. Best remedy would be moisturizer after your workouts. Thats what I do. Stuff I use is actually for pregnant women to heal the skin on their bellies during pregnancy and prevent stretch marks.

Yah my skin itches like crazy sometimes - its due to not warming up properly, and causing alot of little blood dots…

WHen the dots go away, sometimes it leaves dry skin (I actually had a BAD case of this that lasted months with no exercises!)

Warm up, and use a heavy duty moisturizer.

I usually do warmups though - at least a good 5 minutes or so. I use baby oil during the jelq session and it stays on throughout the entire period even for the horses of course. Perhaps the skin stretching thing is what is happening. Like I said, it’s fine by me as long as I get results :) Glad to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing irritation such as this though! Does that workout seem too intense? I’ve only been PEing for about 3 months (well 3 at the end of this month) and during that time have seen about 3/8” in length (crossing fingers for 1/2” on the 1st!) and 1/8” in girth. I’ve only been doing this intense girth routine recently though to try and get slightly quicker gains in that department. My first (and only) 1/8” girth gain came from jelquing only I believe.

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