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Anyone ever ejaculated while being clamped?

Anyone ever ejaculated while being clamped?

Anyone ever cum while in a cable clamp? What happened? I mean, I definently know that it would stop the cum from coming up, but any adverse effects occur?

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At my age, if I could cum with just the act of putting a clamp on, I wouldn’t give a shit if, instead, the cum squirted out of my ears.

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I believe that the ejaculate would end up in the bladder from what I’ve read.

I have started orgasm during sex while clamped and quickly released the clamp to prevent retrograde ejaculation.

The sensation of the skin held tight on the cock by the clamp during sex was unbelievably good.

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Perhaps I did that 5 or 6 times. It’s weird because I wonder what happens with all of my cum when it doesn’t get out. It doesn’t feel like it’s healthy anyway.

The only positive effect I got, is when ejaculating, you get some more pressure, that’s all.

And you don’t get no real “orgasm”, it’s like when you haven’t drunk enough for days and you ejaculate something like some cooked rice that don’t want to get out.

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Yep I have. But I was doing edging, and then put the clamp on. I edged too far, and I think the extra stimulation of putting the clamp on caused me to cum. It came out steadily instead of being in a jerky fashion and I had to get the rest out by taking the clamp off.

I’ve done this 5 or 6 times. I have not had a problem with retrograde ejaculation.

The orgasms are intense.

The come seems to just pile up in the tubes (urethra, vas defrens, seminal vessels), and then comes out when I release the clamp.

I have not had any real concerns about this, and was playing with it as a way for the wife to give me head to orgasm without dealing with the whole “I don’t like the taste” issue (which means she won’t do it).

Still haven’t convinced her to try this yet, but still trying.

Wow dude. Definently convince her. I bet she loves the texture and plumpness of the cock when it’s clamped. Now thats weird…YOu say the orgasms when clamped are intense, but Lamesize says it isn’t. When you released the clamp, did the cum come out with pressure from the backlog? Or did it just ooze out? I don’t know why I’m scared of trying this, lol.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.


It was somewhere between a squirt and an ooze (think a ballon with a little bit of water in it, where it comes out quickly at first then slows to a dribble, and needs to be milked out).

I wouldn’t be scared, just try each time with a little more clamping to your at a comfortable level.


Did it today, but I guess my clamp wasn’t that tight. The cum just shot straight in the air. Actually, it was pretty cool. Might have to try that w/ the woman.

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I think you guys are clamping too tight if it can’t come out while being clamped.

Reminds me of edging and tantric style control. Its like a half orgasm, except its possible to go multiple this way and recovery is almost 0. No clamp needed basically if you real good, doubt it does any harm with one except if repeated too often.


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I’ve resently started back up with PE.

I haven’t been following any set routine, bet whenever I masterbate I do a few ULI/dry jelq type things. I try to do it for 10-15 minutes under high erection.

While manually resricting my penis at the base with an extremely tight OK grip, force focused on the sides, I stroke my glans and kegal in a bit of blood an the downward direction of the .5” stroke. I ease off a bit while I kegal so the blood can enter.

The orgasms are incredibly intense.


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