Is the stigma against this that bad that necessitates the precautions? I will admit, I will not openly tell anyone, but I did tell one person who complains about being average. Thinking back, it may have been worse…it’s easier to feel like a victim when you can’t correct it, but when the answer is shown, but it takes work, then it’s no one’s fault but your own!

My wife knows that I do this, and her biggest complaint would be lack of consistency or sticking to it. We have both noticed the shorter term effects regarding erection quality and temporary size ‘pump’ (if I want to ‘look good’ for a night, a good jelq/uli session will keep it swollen for some time).


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL