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Anyone ever balloon anymore?

Anyone ever balloon anymore?

I haven’t seen anybody talk about that in the longest time and it seemed really popular for a while. I think I grew 1/2” EL on it. Anybody?

what is that?

You’ll have to do a search.

I think most people refer to it as edging. Yes, I do it, after every routine I do.

You gained 1/2” solely with ballooning?

Originally Posted by shortshorts
You gained 1/2” solely with ballooning?

It was a while ago, but yes. Or maybe it was a 1/4”, but still, good gains for a solo technique.

Every so often I give it a go, but I just can’t get to the heart of it psychologically. I’ve achieved ballooning once along with the dry ejaculation by stimulating non-trigger zones, but never could get that again. Ballooning is different than edging, for me anyway, ballooning is something that takes you beyond the erection point where as edging is taking you to it while holding at the PONR. I can edge for hours, I can’t balloon.

Pretty sure I’ve read every thread on ballooning in this forum.

I’d rather achieve true ballooning (not-just-edging) than any kind of size increase this year. Bonus if I can masturbate psychologically.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

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