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Anyone else with this "problem"?

Anyone else with this "problem"?

I don’t recall seeing it discussed before, but since breaking the 8” barrier, I’m finding a situation occuring everytime I visit the restroom.

When I sit to either take care of business or simply urinate prior to starting a pe session (I do mine on the toilet), the head of my dick is contacting the inside of the bowl. Even when I scoot back as far as possible.

To deal with it, I’m usually pushing my prick off to one side and back to get the clearance, but man, I can only imagine what DLD must go through… :)

Re: Anyone else with this "problem"?

Originally posted by RB
I can only imagine what DLD must go through… :)

I started getting this at 8” too…It actually became a sick compulsion to where if it didn’t hit the water the same way of better everytime I would have these terrible thoughts I was shrinking :D …Today I pee standing up first then I tuck it under my leg to poop :)

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Man, I’m glad I don’t have that problem!!

Oh wait, I’m not :D

Not yet, I’m about 8” erect right now (nbp). But my flacid isin’t exactly what i’d like it to be yet, so i’ve been doing fowfer stretches (Lazy A Stretch) about an hour each day. Hopefully after a month I should have flacid length gains which is something i’d really like to improve on. Its not that i am below average for flacid, i’d just really like to be well above.

Going for 9

I can picture it now, men running to the bathroom to check the distance to the toilet water. :D

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LOL, that’s one of the ways I measure with out using a ruler.

Originally posted by jojo
LOL, that's one of the ways I measure with out using a ruler.

I have an antique toilet in the bathroom at our apartment. The water is 14.5” down…

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Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
I can picture it now, men running to the bathroom to check the distance to the toilet water. :D

I just did and I’m ok right now here at the “job”. It’s amazing the different types of “rulers” there are.
I’ll be sure to let you know when I have that problem, come on problem!!!!!

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OK here is the big DLD Toilet episode

I wanted to tell this story somewhere so I guess I will do it here. In our apartment we have an antique toilet. For the longest time I believed it to be 11” to the water. Right around the time I was finally reaching the 11” point I said to myself NOW I CAN TOUCH THE WATER…I was so excited. I ran into the bathroom, closed the door and comensed to trying to get the head of my cock to touch the water. I could not do it. Most people here know about my O.C.D. and for the ones who don’t I have a very severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Anyway, I was not able to reach the water. I started to have a very serious O.C.D. attack, I started to sweat and measure obsessively**No matter how many times I measured with a ruler at 11” I would go back and try to touch the water and I couldn’t. (I know, I know, Why did I not go back and measure the water? That would have been the easy thing to do…OCD is NEVER EASY) This display went on for a whole afternoon…NO JOKES…Jen finally called me to come get her at work. I was covered with baby powder and sweat, crying like a 5 year old. I managed to get in the Jeep and drive to get her, How I don’t know. The whole drive back to the house I was completely silent waging my attack on the toilet when I got home. Jen knew something was up but with me it could be anything. I finally got home rushed back to the evil toilet and started all over again. After about another hour of this Jen finally came to my rescue. I showed her my 11” measurement and then showed her I could not reach the fucking toilet water…I started to think the ruler was broke. Finally Jennifer measured the toilet water…14.5”. In some sick way I felt good.

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I’m so sorry DLD…I did get a chuckle out of your last post though. Not meaning to cause you any more issues I SWEAR. Youve got a great woman in Jen…to understand you and help you out when you need her to! Every once in a great while when using a public toilet I’ll use a toilet that seems to have a higher water level than normal and will “dunk” my dick somewhat. I personally dont like the feeling. I rank it right up there with the sensation of the cold water from the toilet splashing…seemingly right up my asshole when “dropping anchor”.

For someone whose dick is is touching the toilet bowl water ,the best advice I could give would be to never poo before peeing

Same “problem” for me! Sometimes, when nude, I sit the other way, “riding” the toilet, to avoid laying my penis on the bottom…

Long before I found out about PE and this place I read about this issue on that LomgPenisSupportGroup or what it’s called. I bet RB couldn’t wait to start this thread over here, after finally be ing able to plunge his dick into the water.

But it’s true, I am also very concious about the distance to the bowl. But there is so many different types of bowls. In my parents place the bowl in the guest’s toilet is very shallow in the front - DLD could lay his dick along the curve there.

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Man, you guys all have mini-dwarf sized shitters!

(OCD missile attack not intended)

Secjay, it is a trade-off for having running water in your house. No need where we are from to shit in an out house and wipe with a dingo skin. ;) Just busting balls my friend.

We never say I dingo licked my ballon knot!

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