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Anyone else using MSM?

Anyone else using MSM?

Just wondered if anyone else has been using MSM for PE or anything else for that matter. I just picked some up yesterday partly for my wrist problems I have as a result of doing too many push ups and working out obsessively in the military. I wouldnt be surprised if a few cycles of sustonon 250 and deca helped. But anyway, MSM is supposed to be good for joint health and connective tissue repair (as in ligaments) as well as skin health. Supposed to over time make ligaments more elastic as well.

i do. i also take sam-e. my knees are kind of discomforting when i run.


A few months ago I had a disturbing pain in my left knee that wouldn’t go away nomatter what I did. Started taking 3gms MSM orally as well as 1gm Glucosamine and chondroitine everyday for about 3 months and the pains were gone. But I think PHYSIOTHERAPY also helped a lot. As I took the supplements and did the exercises during the same period of time soI can’t be sure which was the element that helped the most (Who cares, the pain is gone!). Oh and I also put MSM topically - mixed the powder in a lotion and rub it into the skin.

MSM is reported to be excellent for bruises and all kinds of muscle and lig pains, due to it’s extraordinary penetrating power through the skin.

If you want to take it orally start with 1gm and build up to 3 or more.

do you know if there are any negative side effects for taking same-e and msm simotaneously?

I take the msm out of the capsule and put it on the palm of my hand and then mix a dab of arnica with it. I rub it into a paste and apply to my penis. I used to do this much more but now only occasionally on my days off or when it acts up. There is no way of knowing how effective it is because I do so many types of treatment.



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