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Anyone else have smaller base than shaft girth?


This is a problem I have as well. What bothers me is that using a cableclamp, which I do have and just tried out but not using until I get my length where I want it, I have to clamp down all the way to the last click. And its almost tight enough. So hopefully by hanging, which I just started, my base girth with increase allowing for a better clamping routine later on.

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I have the same type of penis, I think it’s called a baseball shape.

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My penis base in also thinner about an 2 inch along than it starts widening, it’s like a baseball bat, also my penis is oval more flatter is this normal? How can I equal the base girth to my midshaft ?

I’m the same way, with my base girth being about a quarter inch difference.

I don’t hang but it seems to me a possible reason for it increasing base girth is because it is pulling part of the penis that was formerly inside the body outside the body. The origin of the penis starts behind the testicles. The base of the penis that you can see is attached by ligaments to the pubic bone then curves down (some more then others) as it curves around the perineum behind the testicles. It makes sense to me that if the part of the penis that was formerly inside the body had a greater girth and was then pulled outside the body it would increase base girth by moving the former base girth out farther. I could be totally wrong but you will notice that some male porn stars have a very low “point of exit” meaning where the penis exits the body, which I suspect is from hanging. Here is a chart.



To increase your base girth, perform the Backwards Jelqing Uli and the reverse jelq.

The backwards jelqing Uli is an advanced exercise.

Get a 95% erection. Perform a standard Uli with your right hand. With your left hand, make a small OK-grip, the size of a dime. Use the OK grip to jelq backwards from your head to your base (where your left hand will meet your right hand).

Hope that helps. It’s really effective.

The base girth increases due to a natural process of building strength at the point of attachment and is just the survival mechanism kicking in. The tree increases it’s diameter at the base trunk to support the mass above, the penis reacts similarly to the stresses that would pull it off the body. Base girth will always be increasing during most stretching or hanging exercises, it is not necessary or is it wise to intentionally try to augment this area since it will always be increasing. Your penis will not always be perfectly cylindrical and it is just a natural circumstance of PE activities, things begin to even out in the long run.

Mr. F you wrote - (The first time I saw one of these vessels was after the very first PE exercise I ever tried, which was an exercise designed to ‘pop out’ the available part of the inner penis (just below the fat-pad) by pressing on the pelvis in a certain way at maximum engorgement. It worked, and I popped out a little more length along with the blood vessel right at the fat-pad. I had to keep popping it out to get the vessel to stay outside the fat-pad but now it’s cleared the bottom of the base of my shaft (where I used to measure for base-girth) and since doing a little clamping I’ve found another one on the opposite side that almost mirrors it.)

What PE technique is that? Can you explain it a bit more as it sounds very interesting!

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I have a baseball bat shaped penis and hanging has seemed to even things out for me. Mr F’s exercise does sound pretty interesting though a tad dangerous I’d say, popped out a vessel along with it?

The “Baseball Bat effect” is quite common especially amongst heavy jelqers. I’ve actually always had a somewhat slimmer girth at the base than mid or upper shaft, it’s normal for me.

2 effective ways for me to “even things out” were to concentrate on my jelqing technique. I jelq at slightly higher erection levels and decrease pressure as I go from base to upper shaft, I also began a light pumping routine. Those two things together help keep things more “even”. Also, don’t neglect your stretches! I always stretch for at least the same amount of time as I jelq. Many guys increase base girth through hanging, but I’m a “manual” PE’er so I don’t have much personal experience there.

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Yup the old baseball bat effect, I got it from jelqing when I made my first gains. I just recently started focusing on evening it out with some clamping, and pumping.

Check my sig. When I hanged, my base didn’t change at all.

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I’m stuck with the old baseball bat shape too. At mid-shaft I’m 5.5” but at the base I’m at best 5.2”. If I could even that out I’d be mighty happy.

I read a lot of you recommending hanging for increasing base girth. But the problem for me is that I don’t want to increase length - at least not unless my girth goes up first. What is the length versus girth ratio on hanging? Can I hang light and expect girth at the base with minimal length gains?

Don’t want a long pencil dick, that’s the thing. I’d rather have a Louisville Slugger any day.

Other than that, Vater’s reverse jelqs seem like they’re worth a shot.


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