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Anyone else have smaller base than shaft girth?

So does anyone have an explanation as to how hanging increases base girth? Or did I miss the answer? Do you need to attach the hanger at the base or something to get a base girth increase? I’m confused.

Like I said, and simple speculation

The entire section of my shaft below the hanger (closest to my body), increased in girth. Plausible explanation seems like this is the penis’ natural respons to this form of stress; to get bigger and stronger as to easier take the load the next time. Obviously, according to this simple speculation, given a high enough load the shaft has no choice but to grow girthier.

I gained length and base girth simultaneously, but I don’t know how high load is required for girth gains, relative to what is required for length gains. Possible indication that I gained base girth all along the way, is that my base shaft was always swollen after hanging sessions.

I’m the same way,but it doesn’t really matter to me.


Here’s a poll on penis shapes (like you describe) that will give you some forum stats.


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Originally Posted by radii

It is nice to have the middle shaft bigger than the base, because no way you can insert the base

Lol that made me laugh, picturing someone try to insert their base haha

I used to have better than a 1/4” smaller base than middle.

But through base squeezes and pumping, I now have the same size.

There is probably another name for the following technique, but I call it a “base squeeze”. For a base squeeze, you need to be a little erect, at least a #2 on Alternative measure of erection level.

Grip with an overhand “OK” grip with your off hand around your base. Try to get as close to your pubic bone as possible. I’ll call this the base grip.

With the dominate hand, use an overhand “OK” grip and grab around the middle of your unit. This is the top grip.

Then kegel two or three times to get some new blood into the area. Tighten the base grip firmly and kegel one time more. Keep the base grip tight.

With the top grip, squeeze lightly and push the blood back towards the base, starting at the head. Once you get to the middle of the penis, tighten up your top grip a bit and push the blood back towards your still tight base grip. Do a reverse jelq towards the base several times until the area between your middle and base becomes engorged. Then really tighten your top grip and push all of the blood in this area towards the base. I call this the “contraction”. Hold this for thirty seconds and let go of the top grip while trying to hold constant the base grip tightly. Try to prevent blood loss from your bottom grip. After contracting for 30 seconds, relieve the top grip for 5-10 seconds.

Repeat the procedure by working the blood back down from under your head toward the base with the slight top grip riding down along the shaft. Once you get to the middle of the penis, again, tighten up your top grip a bit and push the blood back towards your still tight base grip. Do the reverse jelq towards the base several times until the area between your middle and base becomes engorged once again. Then do the squeeze with your top grip, pushing the blood towards your base grip for another 30 seconds.

The key is to always have a constant tight base grip.

I do about 30 of these at a time several times a week.

A variation is to do the exact same exercise, but when you are doing the contraction, bend the area during your 30 seconds.

I have also tried this with a clamp and velcro straps, but found it most successful with the two hand technique. There was too much pressure build up for me with the clamping and strap and my erection level shot through the roof and I didn’t want to injure myself and the vlavles at the base of the penis to hold in the blood supply.

Also, I found when I pumped, the base got larger too. I didn’t do anything special, but just noticed the observation.

Stats: (10/24/04) : BPEL-7.25", EG-5.5" (01/22/07) : BPEL-7.6", EG-5.6" after 1 year of maintenance

Goal: 8.5" L x 6.5" G

For a couple of years I did mainly dry jelqing and Ulis, I now have a 7.75*5.75 baseball bat unit, in fact the base is only at 5EG. Now, while I think an even sized dick is better looking I also think a baseball bat shape is better for sex. It gives the impression that my dick is bigger at insertion without straining too much the vaginal opening, which I usually find tighter than the inside, during sex.

Base is slightly smaller here, too.

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Originally Posted by phreakk
My mid-shaft is around 5.75” when fully erect. Near the lowest part just before the base, it’s only 5”, but then balloons into the base as 6”. To answer you, no my base isn’t any smaller, but yes my penis does seem to get its biggest at mid-shaft and incrementally get thinner the lower down the shaft it does.

I have the same shape as you, almost an hourglass shape? I don’t really see it changing shape, even though I am growing larger in all areas.

Before PE I had a natural baseball-bat shape, but since hanging I’ve now got an hour-glass shape.

I think hanging increases base-girth because it works in such a way that it distributes/focuses the forces through the base of the penis (the part of the penis outside of the hanger)

As far as I know jelqing can (and probably will) lead to a baseball-bat shape— one of the reasons I originally bought a hanger was because I could gain length while combating the baseball-bat shape that jelqing can cause (at the time I bought the hanger I was using a power-jelq (I’m one of the few PEers who’ve never manually jelqed (and I only power-jelqed for a short while))

I’m 5.5” girth at top & bottom and 5.25 mid-shaft.

A guilty confession: I recorded my base girth as 5.75” for a short while due to what turned out to be two large blood vessels that originally wrapped around my base— these have since progressed further up my shaft (I’ve hung a lot more sets) so I’m recording my base girth at 5.5 again.

I probably shouldn’t have recorded my base-girth that way but I figured it wasn’t an official measurement (like mid-shaft girth is) and the 5.75 measurement kind of kept me motivated. It absolutely didn’t occur to me that the vessels would keep on progressing up my shaft (it’s kind of a shame that they did— if they hadn’t I’d still be recording a 5.75” base girth). Apologies if my sudden decrease in base-girth has caused anyone any confusion.

(The first time I saw one of these vessels was after the very first PE exercise I ever tried, which was an exercise designed to ‘pop out’ the available part of the inner penis (just below the fat-pad) by pressing on the pelvis in a certain way at maximum engorgement. It worked, and I popped out a little more length along with the blood vessel right at the fat-pad. I had to keep popping it out to get the vessel to stay outside the fat-pad but now it’s cleared the bottom of the base of my shaft (where I used to measure for base-girth) and since doing a little clamping I’ve found another one on the opposite side that almost mirrors it.)

Originally Posted by immortality
What can I do to get the base to where the rest of it is?

Hanging should definitely increase base girth and as far as I know pumping should do so also, although I’ve never pumped so I don’t have experience to share (with regards pumping).

I’m guessing that pumping might be difficult if you’ve got a big difference in girth between top & bottom (e.g. the top may fill the cylinder preventing the suction from reaching the base). It might be worth checking out the pumping forum to establish if this is actually the case— it might mean that you’ll need to increase your base-girth in order to pump successfully —which might mean swapping jelqing for hanging for a while, but get more advice on that (there are other members who will probably have other ideas on the topic).

Originally Posted by Philadelph
I have the same shape as you, almost an hourglass shape? I don’t really see it changing shape, even though I am growing larger in all areas.

Philadelph— what girth exercises are you doing? Are you clamping? (I’m wondering how I might be able to even out my shape)

Originally Posted by Vater
I call this the “contraction”.

Vater— do you think contraction might work mid-shaft to even out an hour-glass shape? (I’ve never done squeezes so I have little to go on)

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Originally Posted by Mr. Fantastic

Philadelph— what girth exercises are you doing? Are you clamping? (I’m wondering how I might be able to even out my shape)

I am doing clamping, with jelqs in between sets. I usually do 10-15 minutes in the clamp at a time. I do between 30-60 minutes in the clamp per day. The only way I think I may be able to even out the shaft, is doing horse squeezes, but the shape doesn’t bother me that much.

Shape doesn’t bother me much either, but because I CAN change it, I wouldn’t mind having more of an even or even a tree trunk shape, but that will all come when I graduate to other exercises. It looks like I’ll hang to combat that baseball effect, and maybe even pump.

My base is a little smaller when erect too.

My base is the thickest.

6.75 base

6.50 mid

6.25 right below glans

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Mine an oval shape.-panic!-


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