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anyone doing the mon,wed,fri routine?

anyone doing the mon,wed,fri routine?

ive been hearing alot aboiut ppl getting unexpected gains after taking a week off of pe for various reasons im thikning that i need to give the peewee more rest time, im thinking about doing mond wed fri with a day rest in between my workouts , i htink it would be good since my workouts are pretty intence and concentrated i really get good workouts i believe, so a day rest in between for me would make since, any advice would be appreciated is anyone doing 3 days a week and getting good gains ???

I dont know, but this a question I would also like answered. I have gotten little or no gains, and I think part of the reason is overtraining.
What have you been doing up to now Mr. Bigglesworth, and have you had any gains?



well yeah ive gained about 12 inch length and .25 girth doing the usual 5 days on 2 off 10 minute stretching 20 minute jelqing i think i changed my mined about the 3 day training tho i find that my prick isnt sore every day anymore im into my second month, my advice to you is to make every stroke count man 2-3seconds putting pretty good presure , take it slow and keep the time down to no more than a total 30 minute workout, anything more is prolly overtraining i can definately see a difference in my cock and i like it


Hey Mr. B,

I’m doing a conservative Mon, Wed, Friday workout, but I also do some light streching and stimulate myself to a very hard erection for 15 minutes or so on off days. But, I haven’t been consistent, so I can’t offer any real data yet. I can say when I’ve been consistent for a week or two, it feels like minor growth. I do get great erection power. I think if you do this type of routine, it’s real important to be consistent and I’m trying hard to improve mine.

Take it easy,



I made good gains with a mon, tue, thur, fri workout for awhile.
I try not to write my workout in stone. I now workout hard and long when I have the time and I take off when my dick is getting beat up.



Thanks for the info. That sounds encouraging. Take it easy, Hardatit

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