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Anyone comment on your "Banged Up" penis?

Anyone comment on your "Banged Up" penis?

Has anyone ever commented on your banged up schlong?

We put our wangs through a lot of trauma here, and I am wondering if you have ever gotten any unsolicited comments from anyone? Your wife, partner, in the locker room, urinal, etc.?

If yes, what was the comment?

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Here is mine: back before Thunder’s existed I used a pump and didn’t know what I was doing… My “main squeeze” at the time saw my discolored dick and said “What’s up with your cock? It is every color of the rainbow!”

She was right. It was light pink (natural color), brownish (circumsicion scar), and many speckled hues of red and purple thanks to temporary discoloration induced by overzealous pumping. I think she knew something was up, but I just laughed it off and kept my (ill-conceived) PE a secret.

Judging by the discolored pics I see here (my own included), and the traumas I have heard described, I am sure that many have had a comment or two from people that saw their beat up schlongs.

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

After almost six months, mine doesn’t looked ‘banged up’ at all. What are you referring to, exactly (if I may ask), what have you been doing to it, and for how long? (I stretch/jelq/pump/clamp for over an hour almost daily). Hmm, actually, it might be a little darker, overall, than before, but I’m not sure.

My girlfriend asked me a few weeks ago why my dick was darker than the rest of me.I told her I didn’t know ,that it had always been.Since we’ve only been dating a few months she’s none the wiser.

I wonder what a penis would morph into, if one were to use a meat tenderizing hammer to it and you hammered on it and gave it a few days to repair itself on a periodic basis ? :)

As my discoloration is bronzish, the only comment I got about it was that the color looks great (as if tanned!).

Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that's why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

Previously known as Ben Dover.

Are you Kidding?

Commander, surely you jest. I get tons of grief from all the women in my life about my beaten and battered Wagner, especially from the three female doctors I see. I’m at Doc’s house right now, and she hasn’t let up since I arrived. She is always giving me shit about taking a break, my new urologist says, “Forget the extended break, you simply need to quite damaging your penis with these ridiculous rituals.” My primary care physician also thinks PE is stupid, she’s just a little tactful in the way she expresses her concern like, “Leave it alone, let it heal!” Like I’m playing with it or something. Mrz. G. is constantly hiding my equipment. So far the only two women in my life that is NOT giving me shit is these two I’ve just met, and the only reason they are not is because I haven’t told them about PE yet. They just think my dick came this way.

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I actually am concerned about this. I have been concerned especially lately. I often stretch my skin a lot while stretching. I havn’t even finished my 2nd month yet, but it seems as though my circ scar sort of has a texture to it now. It seems like if you rub ur finger down over it u sorta can catch skin at the line and fold it over. It’s also a bit brown there.

Any advice? :(

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Skin stretch and discoloration is part of the price tag that comes with aggressive PE. It effects some of us more than others, but you can count on seeing some changes. Personally, I like it, more skin= more mass, more weight, bigger package. Dark skin= healthy looking, meaner looking more massive looking dick.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
“I only care about BIG. I’m not too concerned about pretty.”

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No Nukes

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

“I only care about BIG. I’m not too concerned about pretty.”

Judging by a certain widely-read thread in LLAF, the ladies just might happen to agree. ;)

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Since my wife doesn’t know I PE, I once told her I got it caught in my zipper. Another time I told her I got bruised from a mountain bike ride.

Horny Bastard

Gee , I should have thought to ask my Sunday night girlfriend about that last night , but she was too busy moaning and yelping as I banged her senseless . Darn .

Since my girl knew about my PE from before she ever saw my dick (I wanted to give her warning that it might be big, and that any weird colours were due to my exercises) she already knew what she was in store for. She loves it anyways, but when it gets particularly bad, she occasionally will remark that I should take it easy.

Because she knows what’s going on, she doesn’t think I am diseased or anything crazy like that, just concerned for my health.

I am really surprised there aren’t more “What’s up with your dick?” stories…

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

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