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Anybody know anything about undescended testicles?

Anybody know anything about undescended testicles?

I had one as a kid and it was operated on to forcibly descend it. (At the same time as i was circumsised - they love messing about with you don’t they?)

It would appear that it is attached to the scrotum at the bottom, possibly to restrict it from going back up. Is this normal? Does anyone know?

Also the teste which did not descend is much smaller than the other - about half the size.

Any ideas? Comments? What about the MDs?

See Ya,


Some times the undescended testicle is just removed.

There is a higher incidence of testicular cancer in these testes.

the rationale for bringing them down is to preserve the gonad if possible while placing it in a position that if it begins to enlarge (such as from a developing tumor) it will be easily noted by the patient or examiner.

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Thanks a lot Luvdadus,

I think i might do a bit of reading up on this. I knew i was at a higher risk of cancer due to this but i kind of thought that by descending it the risk was reduced. Hmmm…

I best do some reading….

(on the upside i had them ultrasounded recently and they are cool for now)

See Ya,


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